10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Starting the weekend with a big 'ol fry-up breakfast and a cappuccino is a good idea (I took the above pic of the Wellness Warehouse breakfast I had on Saturday)
2. I love making my own playlists on Pandora internet radio
3. The Secret Circle is a cool, new teen TV show thats rather addictive so far (quick fact: it's based on a series of books by L. J. Smith, who also wrote Vampire Diaries) .
4.I really don't like it when a book's cover is changed because of the movie.
5. My neighbour's cat is learning to speak whale - Well, that's the only good explanation I have for the awful sounds it keeps making.
6 .My closet is too full of dark colours - summer's coming, time to get some brights
7. Salt grinders shaped like bunnies are awesome (click here to see the one I bought)
8. If you go to gym really late on Sunday night, you will probably be gyming all alone
9. Fragrance diffusers are so much better than scented candles.
10. Love is often not as easy or uncomplicated as it should be

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. That breakfast looks yummy!!! They just dont make ones like that here :(

  2. That breakfast looks awesome! And I really wanted to add the bunny salt grinder to our wedding registry list but the fiance would have none of it, so added it to my kitchen tea gift list instead. One way or another,but bunny grinder will be mine!

  3. i want your bunny!
    please tell me where you got it :)

  4. Your "10 things i learnt..." are my favourite post out of any other that i read on any other blog! I completely agree about the book covers- pet hate!

  5. Ah - number 10. I totally get that!

  6. Ah yes, love.... what shall we say.

    And I too hate it when they change the book cover.

  7. Hope you had a lovely weekend,
    Is 'Secret Circle' also a supernatural series?

  8. Sam - yup, it's also a supernatural series :)

  9. That brekkie looks SCRUMMY! Will have to keep an eye out for that series. Hope you are well hun. x

  10. What did I learn? That Greenpoint Park is absolutely stunning. Going there tonight to take some pics.


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