Dinner at Nobu

On Friday night The Boyf and I went to the One & Only Hotel for dinner at Nobu....

 The big sushi bar and pretty lights

On entering the restaurant, we were greeted with an "Irasshaimase!" (aka Welcome) by all the staff and led to our comfy booth-like table. The first thing I noticed about the venue was the ultra high ceiling, ambient lighting and how big the restaurant was. Though the restaurant did not have an intimate setting, it still had a very relaxed and comfortable feel about it.

On the recommendation of our friendly waitress, Noxy, we started out with a little cherry blossom infused sake (which smelt great but didn't have much of a taste). Then we moved onto sampling two of the menus off the winter specials menu  (there are three different menus to choose from and all contain 5 courses) . Every course was interesting, tasty and beautifully presented. 

Above is just some of the food we ate - from top left, clockwise New style sashimi (tuna), 
Nobu Sushi (yellowtail), Beef toban yakii, and a very yummy white fish dish with edible fish bones.

After dinner, we enjoyed dessert and then I discovered an awesome, pink cocktail called the 'Fizzy Shu' (if you like citrus drinks, I highly recommend you try it sometime)

The whole experience was good from start to finish - I really enjoyed the food, especially the fish dishes, and the service was brilliant. If you are looking for great Japanese food, you should really give Nobu a try.

The inside of Nobu -  Awful picture of me and my 'Fizzy Shu' cocktail

 For reservations contact: +27 21 431 5111 or send an e-mail here . Nobu restaurant is open daily for dinner from 6pm to 11pm 


  1. The food looks gorgeous. But I hear that it's a pretty pricey place to eat. Were you guys celebrating something?

  2. We ate at Nobu in the bahamas and it was amazing. My waiter was so cool he even sang happy birthday to me :) Must try it out when we get back!

  3. YUM!! Definitely need to try that when I'm in Cape Town next
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  4. I had that winter tasting menu last month and it was amazing, especially that poached white fish dish. You must try the Lichi Martini, delicious! I'm definitely going to be sampling the Fizzy Shu.

  5. I'm not a lover of fish, but you are gorgeous!!!

  6. Looks like you had a great night!

    I love sushi (does that count if I only eat the vegan-friendly ones?). For Joburgers, Yamazaki in Cedar Square has excellent sushi :)


  7. hey, i love your hair, both style and color..love from Turkey :)


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