10 things I learnt this weekend

image via Tumblr

1. Sometimes writing can be such a frustrating process
2. The Black Books TV series totally cracks me up (love it!)
3. Cutting down on junk food is making me feel so much better
4. Even in 3-D,  The Green Lantern is still not a good film
5. Apparently drying your manicured nails with a UV light may increase your risk of developing skin cancer - You can read THIS article to find out more.
6. I have a tendency to analyse things to death (...or do..I dont know...what do you think...probably. I'll think it over)
7. Nice heels may make my legs look better, but cute flats will always have my heart.
8. THIS book is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once.
9. Small, ceramic bowls are handy to use as jewellery holders
10.  I'm often capable of way more than I give myself credit for.

What have you learnt recently?


  1. Black Books is one of my favourites.

  2. I adore Black Books can watch it over and over again. So sad they only made three seasons. Have you seen Green Wing? It is a hilarious British hospital comedy.

  3. Good on you for cutting down on junk, I need to muster the strength to give up carbs.
    Agree on Nr 7 - Comfort over high heels.
    Have a beautiful day!

  4. I love these posts! Keep posting!:)

  5. Those shoes!!!!!! J'adore...x

  6. I learnt that every weekend you learn at least 10 things! OMG. HAHA

    my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

  7. 1. Open bars are a good way to get a party going
    2. Hanging out with comedians is always going to be a riot
    3. Gate crashing parties accidentally is rather hilarious
    4. Cab drivers can be a real pain in the butt
    5. Adco-Dol and anti-nausea pills are the best hangover cure known to man
    6. With the right LBD, you can go to a swimwear party and not feel fat
    7. Shark fishing makes me very, very angry
    8. Bryan Habana is shorter than he seems on the field
    9. Happy Endings is a great romantic sitcom
    10. Working on a Sunday sucks


  8. The pumps in that pic - so cute.

    I also use little bowls for my ear rings that I wear everyday. :)

  9. Green lantern was so disappointing :(

  10. I love these posts, and I totally agree with the one about the heels vs flats! This weekend I learnt that Malibu shots do not go down with me too well, oh dear.

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  11. I should say only that its awesome! The blog is informational and always produce amazing things.Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love black books. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog to us.

  13. I have to agree with the Green Lantern comment. That was a terrible movie. :)


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