10 things I learnt this weekend

Image found via tumblr

1. Cherry Brandy roses are such a pretty colour
2. I really love my new, Samsung Galaxy S2 phone - it' so thin, fast and ridciculously awesome (I may be biased *winks*). Plus you can even put the Kindle app on it.
3. Taking a jog outside to warm up before you do things like crunches and squats really increases the effectiveness of your exercise (just need to make sure I stretch better next time)
4. The Hunger Games book is turning out to be a very interesting read
5. &Union is a great place to have a chilled drink on a Friday night
6. I love bread, but need to eat less - I'm pretty sure I have a mild wheat intolerance
7. Sometimes having breakfast for lunch is a fabulous plan
8. You can make your hard boiled eggs into heart shapes by doing THIS
9. Coraline is a strange and wonderful animated movie, especially in 3D
10. "...better to be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie."- Khaled Hosseini

What have you learnt recently?


  1. I also love bread way too much! Think all girls have a secret (or in my case not-so-secret) love for it!

  2. Eek, wheat intolerant! The bread in the picture looks so tempting, I wanna grab it off my screen.

  3. have been off bread for 5 weeks and all i want to do is nose-dive into that picture!
    great list!

  4. So good to know you didn't fall prey to Blackberry!
    Brilliant quote @ Nr 10

  5. wow, those roses are beautiful!

  6. I'm wheat intolerant too. For a looong time I just ignored it and ate wheat anyway. But now I'm off it and I feel SO much better! I've replaced normal bread with the rye from Jason's Bakery-so good! And apparently a large percentage of wheat intolerant people are also lactose intolerant so I've changed to rice milk. It's so delicous and has also changed the way I feel :) Amazing blog x

  7. Gorgeous roses!!! I've learnt that patience in relationships is what grows them stronger... tough one but lesson learnt!


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