10 things I learnt recently

1.  Not having a computer of your own is rather crap - Recently my dear computer crashed and is still in a coma, hence my lack of blogging lately ( Thankfully, I have a new laptop on it's way. I hope to introduce it to you all soon)
2. I read and organise a whole lot more when I am computer-less
3. Bistro Sixteen82, on the Steenberg wine Estate, is a great breakfast spot
4. You can now buy Kindles direct from Incredible Connection in SA.
5. The Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie is awesome and I was pleasantly surprised by Bella's wedding dress (have you seen the film yet? what did you think of it?).   
6. Brogues are definitely not for me
7. It's hard for me to take The Boyf seriously with his moustache
8. My mind may be ready for summer, but my body is far from beach ready
9. Florence & the Machine's new album, Ceremonials, is really good
10. Embracing the uncertainty of life is far better than worrying about it

What have you learnt recently? 

* image found via Tumblr (think its a Kate Spade pic)


  1. Bella's dress was nothing like I'd imagined. At first glance I didn't like it, but once I took in the detailing on the back and saw her movie around in it a little more I started to like it. Hope you get your new laptop soon...it's awful being without one!

  2. Hannah - so agree. It was not what i was expecting, but like it alot.

  3. In the first shot, where the dress was shown, i was so disappointed But then, when they showed the full picture i was pleasantly surprised and fell in love! and yes i agree... Breaking dawn was awesome!!!

  4. The best part about breaking a computer is getting a new computer AND discovering all the fun things you are able to do without it. :-).... What's so bad about brogues?

  5. Sorry to hear about your computer - I am all too familiar with those crashed-computer days. I'm loving the new Florence & the Machine - she is a legend! have yet to see Breaking Dawn.

  6. I agree about Brogues...not for me either. They're cute and all, but just not my thing.

  7. I learnt that you're giving away a magic dress, that I really, really, really want!
    Agree with the Flo & Machine comment.

  8. I honestly do not get Brogues.

    Have to agree with all the comments about the dress. Not what I expected but gorgeous (on her). The wedding was such a dream, but haven’t quite decided if actually like the rest of the movie. It was such a hectic book, think I expected more.

  9. I totally agree with number 7. It was almost impossible for me not to giggle when I saw my baby-faced boyfriend with a moustache. Haha. ;)

  10. I recently learned that love is not forever.


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