My top 5: albums (right now)

Deciding which  five albums I like the most was rather challenging, as I am always dicovering great new music and I have so many trusty ol' favourites. So, while there is a strong possibility that in the next month or two I may be ranking a few other albums higher than some of these, right now these are my top 5 albums...  

1. Ceremonials  - Florence + The Machine: This ridiculously good album is by my favourite band. I have listened to it so much in the last two months and I am still not even slightly bored of it. The only issue I have with it is that it is not longer.

2. Young the Giant - Young The Giant: I recently discovered this indie rock band and so far I am really enjoying their music. You can listen to one of their songs over here

3. Barton Hollow  - The Civil Wars: This American folk / alternative country band is really good. This album is their first and was released in 2011. They also recently recorded a song for The Hunger Games film soundtrack with Taylor Swift called 'Safe & Sound'  (you can listen to it here)

4. Torches  - Foster The People: This has definitely been one of my top albums, since I first heard the band's single 'pumped up kicks' over a year or so ago. This album is full of awesome.

5. Making Mirrors - Goyte: This Belgian-Australian singer and songwriter, who goes by the stage name Goyte, has a really unique sound. He has actually been around for a while, but I only stumbled upon his music a few months ago when I saw this music video (which also features singer Kimbra)

What's your favourite album/s at the moment?    


  1. I love Florence and the Machine. Hope they come to SA soon. Favourite songs on the album: Landscape (demo), Only if for a night, shake it out, never let me go, all this and heaven too.
    Only have one song by The Civil Wars and Foster the People (pumped up kicks). Will try and give the rest of their album a listen.

  2. Florence and machine are cool and I liked Young the Giant too :)

    nice albums BB


  3. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record. Sublime.

  4. Great selections, but I need to catch up on a few of these. I adore 'Ceremonials' but have been slightly deterred by all the negativity surrounding Florence and the Machine and the hidden meaning behind the lyrics of her songs.

  5. Very nice!! Great selection!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  6. Am loving Radical Face's Ghosts, you should totally try it :)

  7. LOVE florence. It has also been playing in my car for 2 months.

  8. Ah I love all of these! Florence is amazing...

  9. I'm listening to Florence and the Machine all the time too!! I LOVE "Dog Days are Over"!!

    Take care, Sue

  10. I also enjoy The Civil Wars. My favourite is Joe Dassin's "Si tu t'appelles Melancolie" though

  11. i am loving all of these too. Florence is incredible!


  12. Loving Foster the People at the moment! - Call it what you want especially :-) great music choices

    x Gabi


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