10 things I learnt recently

photo found via Tumblr

1. Spending the weekend in Hout Bay is alot of fun (full post coming soon)
2. Life's too short to drink instant coffee ;)
3. The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay is a very cool - check it out, if you can.
4. Pintrest is a very addictive website ( you can follow me on Pintrest here )
5. Walking barefoot on the beach has such a calming effect on me 
6. Woolworths sells edible flowers - look how pretty they are.
7. I never sleep well on my first night in a new place - I call it "weird bed syndrome"
8. Actress Kristen Bell loves sloths so much it makes her cry - watch this video
9. Sometimes taking a mini break from the internet helps you find new inspiration
10. This is good to remember: "Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. " -  Zig Ziglar                                                    

what have you learnt recently?   


  1. 1: Instant coffee is gross. 2: I have watched that video of Kristen Bell and the sloths like 3 times. I didn't realize she was with Dax Shepherd.

  2. We spend wayyyy to much money one "real" coffee per month :P x

  3. that sloth video is too cute... thank you so much, really brightened up my thursday :)

  4. Life is too short for anything but the very best espresso

  5. you're right about walking barefoot on the beach. Enjoy it a lot


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