A weekend in Hout Bay (Part 2)

About two weeks ago The Boyf and I trotted off to Hout Bay for a mini weekend getaway. We stayed in a stunning boutique hotel (read part 1 of this post over here ) and spent a little time checking out a couple of cool places in the town.

Above: Hout Bay beach

On our first day in Hout Bay, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go have breakfast at Dunes. Since the restaurant is located right on the beach front, it is one of the best places to go if you are wanting a stunning sea view.

Top: inside decor, upstairs at Dunes restaurant
 Middle: yummy cappuccino  at Dunes
Bottom: Ladies selling hand-beaded things outside Dunes. (I bought a penguin)

 When we we arrived at Dunes we were greeted by friendly staff and seated at an outside table upstairs. We both decided to order a full english breakfast and a cappuccino. 

The food arrived quickly and, while it was definitely not the best english breakfast we had ever had, it was satisfying. After leisurely sipping our coffee's and enjoying the view for a while, we headed off to the Bay Harbour Market...

 Top: The food court area at The Bay market
Middle (1 & 2): the bar and fresh baked croissants
Bottom: homemade cheeses and takeaway panini's

The Bay Harbour market is located in an old fish factory, in the old part of the Hout Bay Harbour, and is made up of over a hundred stalls. You can buy and browse a wide variety of cool things there - like: food, craft beer, clothing, jewellery, art and homewares.

When we went, the market was bustling with everyone from hipsters to children and the vibe was pretty relaxed. One of my favourite things about the whole place was the nicely sized food court area, where you can sit down and have a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail.

 Top, middle & bottom: Just a few of the lovely things you can buy at the market

The Boyf and I enjoyed the market so much that we ended up hanging out there for about 4 hours ( If you have never checked it out, I highly recommend that you do). The market is open on Fridays from 5pm to 9pm and on  Saturdays & Sundays from 9:30am to 4pm.

Notes: If you have never been, the market can be a bit tricky to find and these directions may be handy. All the above photos were taken by us.


  1. The Hout Bay market looks amazing! When I come visit I want to go for breakfast on the beach :)

  2. Stunning photos. Looks awesome. Now I'm jealous. :))))

  3. 1) I had lunch at Dunes two weeks ago. They make amazing Nachos. Although it is really difficult to eff up Nachos ...
    2) Wanted to go to Hout Bay Market too, but couldn't find the damn place. Thanks for including the directions.


  4. Ah it looks amazing, definitely going to try visit next time I'm in Cape Town! :) Have a lovely day! Xx

  5. coolness

    happy V-day

    :) Betty Bake x


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