10 things I learnt this weekend

1. The Swedish film version of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is good.
2. When it comes to sushi, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach
3. Constantly being hunched over in front of my computer is not good for my back or posture - I need to get a new computer chair and focus on sitting properly.
4. I always seem to think I have the most brilliant ideas when I'm drinking lots of wine, unfortunately  I struggle to remember most of those ideas the next day *laughs*.
5. Whenever I seriously crave a sweet treat, I never have any in the house
6. I am so thankful that The Boyf is a skilled and fearless bug catcher
7. Not everyone finds THIS Tumblr as funny and cute as I do (how could they not?)
8. I finally understand why everyone was raving about The Help book - it's awesome.
9. A statement necklace can really enhance a simple outfit (I want to buy a few more)
10. Not everything that is true needs to be said.

What have you learnt recently?


  1. Hehe! I love the T-Rex tumblr :) So cute, funny and a little bit sad...

  2. I too get the most brilliant ideas when I have drunk a few glasses of alcohol but also get amnesia and don't remember them :(
    The Tumblr is not funny to me but rather sweet :)

  3. The Help is so amazing! Read the book in one day so was engrossed.
    Loved the movie too.

  4. I learnt that I need a computer chair too!!!

    and that you need to visit me SOON!

  5. try sitting on one of those gym balls in front of your computer - my chiro recommended it.

  6. Reading the Help atm. Loving it.

  7. I have also become a member of the 'bad computer back' club...even the chair isn't helping :(
    I just recently saw the movie 'The Help', it was a real eye-opener. Can't wait to read the book!

  8. Am so with you on 2,3 and 4. But am craving sushi now while hunched over my laptop. Ah when we are older we will all be chopstick weilding bent over old ladies trying to remember our brilliant ideas but forgetting them (still due to wine me thinks).

  9. Hahaha. I've never seen the T-Rex Trying tumblr before, but I literally lol'd at all of them. So funny!
    Also, you really should go for that new computer chair. It's crazy how much our spine can become misaligned from little habits that we have.

  10. Things I've learnt??? Hmmm
    1) The bread pudding at Primi is divine!
    2) The sirloin steak at Krugerman's is so soft.
    3) A number of new restaurants have sprung up in 2nd Ave, Kenilworth and I want to try them ALL.
    4) I can run a 21km race in 2:11. My all new PB.
    Hmmm, that's all from me right now.


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