Movies I want to watch....


Here are a few of the movies that I am really looking forward to watching- hopefully they will all be out here soon (Note: click on movie title to watch the official trailer):

1. The Hunger Games - Based on the series of books by Suzanne Collins, the film centers around Katniss Everdeen and her fight for survival in a televised "game"that  forces young district representatives  to eliminate their competitors (after reading all the books I am very excited for the film)

2On The Road - In this film adaptation of American writer Jack Kerouac's 1951 novel, a group of friends go on a crazy road trip across America during the 50's. 

3. Dark Shadows - Directed by Tim Burton, this film is based on a gothic soap opera that originally aired from 1966 to 1971 on American TV. The film looks like it will be quirky and funny, plus it has a great cast (which includes Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer).

4. Snow White and The Huntsman  In a new twist to the much loved fairy tale,  The Huntsman hired to kill Snow White becomes her protector and trains her to fight so she can help take down the evil queen. This film looks like it will be brilliant.

5. The Odd Life of Timothy Green A couple that are struggling to get pregnant bury a list of wishes for their future child in the backyard and then find a little boy on their doorstep.  This Disney film looks so sweet, magical and will probably make me cry my eyes out.  

6. The Avengers This action/adventure film, which is based on the Marvel comic book series, is about a  team of superheroes that are recruited to help save the world from Loki and his army. It looks  awesome and full of amazing special effects.

What movie/s are currently on your must-see list?


  1. I loved the On The Road novel so I am very much looking forward to seeing the film adaptation.

  2. Oh wow, you just made my day!!!!Read "On the Road" a while back and LOVED it. Im so happy to hear that the movie is coming soon!!!

  3. Ooooh I'd totally watch Snow white and the huntsman. Totally. Love the idea of Snow White protecting herself!
    Oh. Had no idea they adapted Jack Kerouac's novel. Should be fun right.

  4. Great list! There seems to be a lot of great movies to come this year! Very excited- now I just have to find the time to watch them. :)

  5. I loved On the road ( the book) so would like to see the movie. And we saw " the best exotic Marigold hotel" on Saturday night. A must see

  6. The movies that you have mentioned is also what I want to see :)

  7. Hunger Games doesn't show in SA until April 13th!!!!!

    I left the states like 3 days before it premiered, so close!

  8. I love Johnny Depp so that will definitely be one to see & The Odd Life of Timothy Green looks sweet! Great list I will have to work my way through it.(take a break from blogging & watch a few movies!)

  9. I cannot wait to see The Hunger Games, I'm obsessed with the books!

  10. I want to watch the one by Tim Burton!
    nice post =)
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  11. I have seen hunger games last week and it is really very very good!

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