10 things I learnt recently

  photo taken by me - hand belongs to The Boyf

1.The Slow Lounge at the airport is awesome and they make cute cappuccino's (above)
2. Joburg's Gautrain is the cleanest train I have ever been on.
3. I love marshmallow eggs more than hard candy-coated ones.
4. The meaning of the diamond engagement ring has changed so much in the last century - you can read  the interesting article that taught me this fact over HERE
5. Doing my grocery shopping online is a good idea -  It stops me from putting things that I don't need into my basket and there are never any long lines to stand in.
6. The Hunger Games film is pretty good - Read some of my thoughts about it HERE
7. Working from home is going to take some getting used to.
8. The Instagram app (now for Android  & iphones) is really fun and addictive - If you have instagram and want to follow me, my username is beingbrazen.
9. Community is such a ridiculous and funny TV show (have you seen it?)
10. The older I get the more I appreciate a good night's sleep

What have you learnt recently?


  1. Don't lie, that's your man hand and not your boyfriend's.

    Community is the business!

  2. 1) Facebook stalking is so much fun.
    2) I used to love instagram until Facebook bought it. Now it no longer feels cool.

  3. The marshmallow eggs are more awesome if you put it onto a cookie, microwave for 30 seconds and press it down with another cookie. Heaven!
    I'm with you on the sleep thing.

  4. Totally agree with you on Community. 'Troy and Abed in the morning!'

  5. I will go follow you - I adore instagram. And the Gautrain is pretty cool

  6. Slow lounge always hooks it up with something fun. I love that, it's such a treat.

    Be careful with the online groceries, I often get stuff that expires quickly.

  7. Why you going to be working from home??? I think it must be pretty awesome although so many distractions then and really have to motivate yourself to work properly.

    What channel does Community come on?


  8. Definitely agree with number 10! I've learned that even if I think getting the flu is silly and inconvenient I still need to listen to my body and give it the rest it needs!
    Also, I'm obsessed with instagram :) I'm lovelize ;)
    Ps hello, I think this is my first comment although I've been following along for a while :)

  9. i learnt that we need to have coffee ASAP!


  10. Totally agree I am completely addicted to Instagram- following you now! And that coffee looks good!

  11. You're right, Gautrain is spotless!


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