Me, today

Today I ...

... adore my new red, leather ballet flats - They are so comfy (yup, that's them above).
...went to a media event at a Forever New store and met some nice bloggers.
... had a few good laughs (Thanks, Jen)
...realised that constantly making comparisons will only ever lead to discontentment.
....decided I actually like the natural colour my hair is growing out.
... wandered around a mall aimlessly for a while.
... fought the urge to buy a box of choclolate brownies for lunch.
... am wearing dark grey polish on my nails.
...wish I was part of the study group in 'Community
...should do some form of exercise, but I probably won't.
...enjoyed the late afternoon thunder storm in Cape Town.
... will be having a bacon and mushroom pizza for dinner (yum)
...feel very hopeful and open to new possibilities.
How have you been today? 


  1. lovely post! loved reading it

  2. Today

    1) Excited for the weekend. My friends and I will be having a birthday supper at Massimo's. So excited. Excited.
    2) Have booked my flights to Kruger. Will be there for 10 days.
    3) Went for a model casting yesterday. Don't think they'll choose me.
    4) My mom has started giving my phone number to random dudes in Grahamstown. Just shoot me now.

  3. Love those red shoes and Forever new has such beautiful things

  4. Always a pleasure friend, few people appreciate my nutty side :)

  5. Also

    I love Forever new. Wish I was invited to the media launch.

  6. have recently started following your blog and i amd really enjoying it.

    have started one of my own and would appreciate some feedback. its only 2-3 weeks old, so im still trying to find my feet.

    if only they were easy to spot in red ballet flats. ;)

  7. I adore this post love, as well as your blog. I hope you have a wonderful week beautiful girl!
    I would really be so incredible, if you could check out my latest post!

  8. I am with you on the open to possibilities vibe. A very dominant feeling for me. All exciting!


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