10 things I learnt from my mother

above pic: Me (when I was 1 years old) and my pretty mom

1. Be weary of gossips-If someone gossips to you, they will probably gossip about you.
2. It is better to be honest and hurt someone, than to lie and save their feelings.
3. Use the "good" stuff now - Don't save your fancy clothes, candles, chocolates or crockery just for special occassions. Life is short, everyday is special. 
4.  Confidence and good posture are the most important accessories for any outfit.
5. Noone should ever be there to complete you, you need to be whole on your own.
6. Travel is essential. It will teach you more about yourself and the world.
7. While you are young, start exercising and eat healthy - It will make things a lot easier on you as you get older and your metabolism starts to slow down.
8. No relationship is ever perfect - but you shouldn't ever settle for an unhappy one.
9. Never be afraid to speak your mind or ask questions.
10. You will end up regretting the things you did NOT do far more than the things you did -  you can never get a missed opportunity back, but you will hopefully learn from your mistakes.

Ps: Dear Mom (I know you will read this at some point), just wanted to tell you how much I love you. Thank you for constantly teaching me things, telling me the truth (even when i don't want to hear it) and always supporting me. Happy Mother's Day for Sunday.


  1. awww - you mom is great :) and what a lovely post for her

    thanks for sharing it with us

    big hugs
    Betty Bake
    ps now I want to write a post to my mom - bad brazen ;)

  2. Ah! This post warms my heart! Your mom sounds amazing and she is very beautiful.

    Embracing Style

  3. What a wise mom! She sounds just like mine. We're very lucky :)

  4. Such a lovely post! I hope my daughter can say the same about me and what I've taught her one day ;)

  5. this is so sweet. thank you to share it. much love to your mom too. by the way, i already email you. have you read it? xx

  6. What an awesome post. Your mom is both gorgeous and very wise! Where would we all be without our mums !

  7. Such a touching post, and your mom was (prob still is!) gorgeous

  8. Wonderful message for Mother's Day!! I found your blog .. It's absolutely lovely

  9. What a sweet post! Mothers are the best and their advise are also spot-on most of the times. xxx

  10. What a sweet post! Mothers are the best and their advise are also spot-on most of the times. xxx

  11. You had blonde hair as a baby?

  12. That is some awesome advice from your Mom. Bless her


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