Celeb style: Kirsten Dunst

Lately I have been liking everything Kirsten Dunst has been wearing. Here are two of the stunning outfits that the actress wore recently, during the Cannes Film Festival:  

Left: For the premiere of On The Road, Kirsten wore a bright pink Christian Dior gown with a Louis Vuitton embellished clutch.
Right:  Kirsten rocked an elegant, Louis Vuitton silk gown at the amfAR gala. 

Do you prefer Kirsten in the light blue or pink dress?


  1. Kirsten Dunst looks gorgeous in both but I prefer the clean lines of pink dress.

    Oh Darling Bride

  2. Hi . the blue! I have been overseas and working like a maniac so i've missed out on your life. what's happening how come you not working in the office anymore how freaking fantastic! are you and the boyf engaged? what have you told us on your blog that i missed lol

  3. The pink dress is an awesome colour but the blue dress is pretty gorgeous too (love the band in the middle...)

  4. She looks so stunning in the pink. I'd love to have that dress hanging in my cupboard!


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