My top 5: scented candles (right now)

I'm a bit of a scented candle junkie. I like to burn mine as often as I can (especially in winter, when I spend a lot more time indoors and keep most of my windows shut),  I even like to travel with travel-sized ones, and I am always buying new ones to try out. 

While it would be very hard for me to list all the scented candles I love, I thought I'd share my five favourite ones at the moment:

1. Yankee Candle in 'Clean Cotton'  - I love so many  of the Yankee Candle scents, but this is a firm favourite. The clean smell makes me think of  freshly washed laundry.

2. Airwick's Ribbons Touch luxury candle in Vanilla  - If you like vanilla, you should give this candle a try. It has a rather intense vanilla scent and is well priced.

3. SoyLites candle in 'Harmony'  -  This candle is made locally with 100% soybean wax and essential oils. The calming scent is made with a combination of geranium, jasmine and rose ( I currently have the travel-sized version of this).

4.  Jo Malone candle in 'Red Roses'  This intense, rose-scented candle is made with a blend of seven different varieties of roses, violet leaves and lemon.  It's a pricey candle (at about R650 for the 200g size), so it's definitely a luxury buy. 

5. Wellness Warehouse soy candle in 'Lemongrass' - I love the fresh, uplifting smell of this candle. These candles can be bought here.

What's one of your favourite scented candles?


  1. i absolutely love jo malone candles! so expensive but such a luxury that i think is worth every penny :) xx

  2. On the hunt for some good scented candles.

    This post is a great start :)

  3. Love soylite candles. My new favourite is a jasmine candle by Nap


  4. I must be the odd one out, but candles don't do much for me, but I LOVE scented bodywashes, and room spritzers.


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