10 things I've learnt recently

photo by me

1.  Fifty Shades of Grey is not brilliantly written, but it's still an oddly addictive read - Honestly, I didn't think I'd enjoy an erotic fiction novel. May have to try the next book. 
2.  I really love pink 'Nemo' flowers. They are so delicate and pretty. Mine also seem to be lasting for a ridiculous amount of time (that's them above)
3.  'A List' by Essie is a fabulous nail colour - THIS is what it looks like
4.  Snow White and The Huntsman was a very cool film, even though it was a bit slow moving at times - Have you seen it yet? What did you think?
5.  Miss K (in Green Point) makes the yummiest ricotta hotcakes, but their brownies were so disappointing (they tasted like they are uncooked).
6.  I really like the "cat eye" shape of my new GLCO sunglasses (blog post coming)
7.  I use my Kindle app more than anything else on my Samsung Tab.
8.  Just taking a long walk a few times a week is really increasing my fitness levels
9.  Giving my hair a break from hair colour has been a good decision for me. My natural colour is actually turning out to be a really nice - HERE is a picture of what colour looks like after no dye for about 11 months.
10.  This statement has a lot of truth in it: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” - C.G. Jung

What have you learnt recently?


  1. Oh - I just LOVED this post! Who is the author of the book? I have never read erotic fiction either, I may give it a try.

  2. Oh and your hair looks amazing!

  3. Lulu - Thanks :) The book is by E L James. If you click on the name of book in the post , you can read more about it.

  4. I've also been hair dye free for 7 months and at first I struggled but now I'm loving it!

  5. Your hair looks purty :) Okay I break I'm getting the book! Even if I have to cover it with wallpaper like we did at school, so my colleagues don't know I'm reading 'naughty' at work..

  6. I also stopped dying my hair last year and when I got a haircut last month it was the first time in years that there was no dyed hair at all. My hair is a lot darker than I remember it :D

  7. Love your hair colour. Who is your hairdresser?

  8. Emma - thanks. My hairdressers name is Basil. He works at Reyjeane salon in Mouille Point.

  9. Am a quarter through the book and am also quite addicted didn't expect it to draw me in as much as it has.
    Also saw Snow white and The huntsman this weekend, was visually beautiful but quite slow and Kristin annoyed me but Charlize was great.

  10. Your hair is so pretty Brazen! I wanted that ombre look but the hairstylist I went to seemed a bit nervous about it. So I left it and now that the old colour is growing out, I have the ombre look for free :) Loving getting back to my natural colour too.

  11. that last comment is interesting... now what does it say about our friendship?


  12. Cool learnings Miss lady

  13. I dont think I have the will power to leave my hair alone for that long! Looks stunning though :)


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