From my 'hood

Lately I've been taking a lot more walks around my neighbourhood and it's been great. I enjoy urban walking almost as much as walking on the beach. There is always so many things to see, people to watch and new or different places to discover.

I have lived in the Atlantic Seaboard area of Cape Town for about 6 years now and I really love it. The area is close enough to town to help me avoid traffic and right near the coastline, so I don't ever have to go through "ocean withdrawal syndrome" (I suffered from it once before, it was a dark time *winks* )

Today I thought I'd share a few photos that I recently took in my neighbourhood -

 In the Green Point park - it is really nice and very clean.

 The promenade  - I walk here as often as I can
A Seagull (one of hundreds in this area)- They make a lot of noise and freak me
 out when they fly over me. (I always worry they will poop on my head, is that weird?)

The promenande (again) -  Dark clouds rolling in.
I love how dramatic a wintery sky can look, especially over the sea. 
 The lighthouse in Mouille Point - I like that it's stripey.

 - All the above photos taken by me, with my phone's camera, using my Instagram -


  1. your hood is kinda cool :) but not as cool as my hood ;)


  2. Your photos are amazing!
    I absolutely LOVE CT and I'm thinking more and more about relocating. Super scary though!!

  3. I love your lighthouse pic! And still haven't checked out the park yet!

  4. Stunning! Also love the stripey lighthouse:)

  5. You have an awesome hood :)

  6. Great photos! I adore Instagram

  7. Love it! Makes me miss Cape Town.

  8. I always have the bird-over-my-head fear!

  9. Awesome pics! I also love being close to the sea even in winter & it gets stormy it's oddly calming for the soul!:)

  10. Such awesome photos. I studied at Granger Bay and miss this 'hood. A seagull has pooped on me so yes, be wary! Lovely photos!

  11. The quality of your pictures are exceptional! wow! :) Love your posts x

  12. Wow. It looks beautiful. Another place on my list to visit someday. (and no, its not weird to be nervous of seagulls pooping on your head. They will target you and do it if they can. They make bets together and compete for a prize. I've heard them squaking about it!)

  13. I love this area, wish I lived near the sea :)


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