Listen-worthy: Eliza Doolittle

British singer/songwriter Eliza Doolittle has been around for a little while already, but I only recently discovered her great voice and catchy lyrics for myself. 

Her debut self-titled album, Eliza Doolittle was released in July 2010. My favourite songs on the album are definitely 'Pack up' and 'Skinny Genes'. I am also really enjoying this acoustic, live version of 'Skinny Genes' (below):

For more info on Eliza you can visit her official website here


  1. Love Eliza's music, I used to have this CD on repeat all the time, the beats are really infectious and the lyrics are quite cleverly cute. Happy Weekend!

  2. I got that CD and also love it! :))

  3. I've heard this song on the radio but had no clue who sang it, but I loved it. It's such a catchy tune. Now I have to download it! :-)


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