10 things I've learnt recently

1. Getting woken up, in the middle of the night, by a crazed meowing cat in your bedroom is bit freaky - especially when you don't even own a cat.
2. Magic City is a really cool TV show. It's set in Miami in the late 1950's.
3. I'm a bit of a sushi piggy. I nearly always order more sushi than I can eat (above photo was taken at Willoughby's - my favourite sushi spot in Cape Town).
4. I love my personalised nail polish from Pretty Please (will blog about it soon)
5. Sometimes you just have to forget what your head is saying and follow your heart
6. THIS is one of the funniest cat video's I have seen in a while.
7. My hair and I are very over this super cold, rainy weather.
8. I am starting to really like Google Plus. I think I like it more than Facebook.
9. Often we are the only ones holding ourselves back - HERE are 30 things everyone should stop doing to themselves (a great read)
10. I totally agree with this quote by Anna Wintour: ""Nobody wants to be inundated. There is so much out there. What we need is fewer things, better edited"

What have you learnt recently?   


  1. Well Im quite often woken by crazed meowing cats but then again Im their mom so its to be expected...haha!

  2. Too much sushi? Really is there such a thing??? Do you give Google Plus lessons or have a link - I need to teach myself this - it has scared me for far too long now... Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Love Willoughby! I always have the rainbow nation or reloaded (i spot one of those on your pic) and then the prawns or english style fish with salad. ahhh now i am craving!

  4. that last quote is Genius! I love it!

    Why American men should boycott American women

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  6. Personalised nailpolish is such a great idea! (Makes the perfect little gift too...) Will have to check out if any companies in the UK do this.

    Loved the 30 things link - some very good suggestions there!

  7. Intense sushi craving right now. Thanks a lot, Brazen :)

  8. Ten things I've learnt recently? The service at Krugerman's in Waterfront can be really pathetic sometimes. YDE is having a sale. Ramadaan will be starting soon! And if you've ever had any doubts about your place in the pecking order, go apartment hunting. (Note: I can't afford any of the apartments that I really like.)

  9. I miss sushi. It's my summer food and have been pigging out on comfort winter foods.
    I have learnt that I need to spend less time at work - for real this time

    Off to read 30 things


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