Breakfast at Lola's

Not too long ago I went to have breakfast at a cool, little restaurant called Lola's and the whole experience was really good. Here are some thoughts: 

The place.... It's decorated with simple, yet modern, decor and the vibe is very relaxed. There is also local art on the walls which you can purchase if you like.

The service... Our waitress was very friendly and didn't seem to care how long we took to order ( I was having a very indecisive day, so I really appreciated not feeling rushed). Once we had ordered we didn't have to wait too long for our meal to arrive.

Left: corn fritters with bacon and cream cheese.  Right: My cute cup of coffee

The food... I decided to have the corn fritters and a cappuccino. Both were totally delicious.  In fact, the food was so yum, that I even ordered lunch from them to take away (a free range lamb pie -  which totally rocked).

If you have not been there, you should try it out (they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days). I  will definitely be going back there again soon.

Lola's - 228 Long Street - City Centre -  Cape Town - (0)21 423 0885


  1. I friggin love Lola's. If you go again, try the French Toast. Absolutely yummy. Also I love that they seem to play John Mayer on repeat.

  2. Ooh I've only been there once but also has the fritters. Such a sweet place!

  3. ooh, have wanted to try Lola's for ages. definitely going after this review.
    If you love corn fritters you have to try the ones at Knead in Kloof. So good!

  4. I can't bring myself to go to the new Lola's. The original one was a huge part of the good old days on Long Street and was one of the most unique, awesome places around. It was 100% vegetarian (another plus in my book), was best place for Friday afternoon pre-Neighbourhood/Zula drinks and had a vibe all of its own.

    Russell and Alan, the lovely couple who owned it, escaped to the farm. Wish the new owners had changed the name - it's just too weird to see the Lola's name on a place that just isn't really the 'real' Lola's.

    Not trying to be negative and sure the food is great... but knowing how it used to be, it just makes me a bit sad now.

  5. I'd be interested to know what you think of their prices because I've always felt totally ripped off when I go there.

  6. Tessa - didn't find the prices too bad. Though I would not call it a cheap place.

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  8. Had breakfast there on my last trip - so delicious!


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