A little view sharing

I love Cape Town (how could anyone not?). It's such a ridiculously attractive place to live. Here are a few random pictures of some of the fabulous views I have gotten to see lately... 

Hout Bay - mountains, ocean and boats... not bad at all. 

Fish Hoek Beach looking perfect - view from the catwalk

Looking out over False Bay (taken from Boyes Drive)

Penguin spotting at Boulder's Beach in Simonstown  

A tree-lined path in Groot Constantia.

Note: all photos taken by me with a little help from Instagram.


  1. A tree-lined pathway in Groot Constantia, i.e. an Avenue :)

  2. this is what I love about blogger just a click of a button and I am transported from rainy Scotland to Cape Town, great pics. Annie

  3. Soooo pretty! How could anyone not heart Cape Town? Makes me want to be back there.....

  4. lovely - we are spoilt to live here :)

  5. Hi Janine, thanks for stopping by, aww these images are heavenly, reminds me that I need to make a trip down to Cape Town soon.

  6. Really nice place to go. i like it such the best place for lonely trip

  7. Wow so beautiful! Looks a lot like the coast of Central California. You are so lucky :)

  8. I LOVE Cape Town too - definitely one of my Summer happy places :)
    Glad I found your blog... Have a happy week!


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