10 things I learnt recently

Photo by me. Taken in Paternoster.

1. Paternoster is such beautiful and peaceful town. I really want a holiday house there.
2. I absolutely love fancy dress parties.
3. You are never too old to go 'Trick or Treating'
4. Taking a beach walk in the middle of night without a torch is lots of fun.
5. I can pull off bright yellow.
6. The heart wants, what the heart wants - it does not have to make any sense.
7. Cafe Caprice is packed and crazy on Sunday nights during summer (noone work?)
8. I need to get into a better routine that includes a lot more exercise.
9. Watching too much House tv series will start to make you think you know medical stuff.
10. This is really great advice: “ Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.”  - Paulo Coelho

What have you learnt recently? 


  1. such a beautiful photo! wow, it belongs on We Heart It. Nice one!

  2. Paternoster looks really beautiful. I want a holiday house there too :)

  3. My faves are #6 and #10. However, #6 has not always ended happily for me (putting it mildly) but I figure if I lose faith in it now then what was the point ever? Anyway, I love your photos and this one is no exception. :)

  4. Paternoster does look lovely! :) After watching a few episodes of House, I had to stop - it made me so neurotic about my health. LOL

  5. cute list :) im glad you learnt you can wear bright yellow - now life can begin - LOL';)


  6. I agree with #2! I love fancy dress parties, too. :)

  7. That's a really great list!! Thanks for sharing!

    Two things that I have learnt this week is:

    1) You are NEVER too old to learn new things about yourself
    2) Love should be the main theme of our lives.

    I would also LOVE to have a home in Paternoster! Or St Helena Bay! Such stunning places on the West Coast!

  8. Trick or Treating with friends, late night beach walks with a crazy chick dressed as a vampire and lazy sunday breakfasts in Paternoster (pronouced Pate-Her-Noster)

  9. Love love love the quote you have at number 10:) it's so very true


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