Music crush: Taylor Swift

I am really loving singer/songwriter Taylor Swift right now (well, more than usual).

Taylor's latest album Red, which was only released on 22 October, has been doing ridiculously well. Apparently first day sales for the album reached around 500 000. If her album sales continue at this rate, she is set to break a bunch of records.

The album is full of super catchy songs about relationships. My favourites are probably 'We Are Never Getting Back Together', 'All Too Well', 'Everything Has Changed' and 'Begin Again'.

This week the official video for 'Begin Again' was released and it's really lovely (think Paris, red lips, cute outfits, pastries, etc). Check it out below -  

Are you a Taylor Swift Fan?


  1. I love Taylor Swift! She seems so cute and sweet, and I wish I had her wardrobe!

    louisejoyb x

  2. Taylor Swift's current wardrobe is so cute and I would die if I could pull off half of the clothes in it!


  3. She actually looks like a likable person in the first picture.

  4. totally have a girl crush on Taylor ;)

  5. Love her, *fearless* was such am amazing album, cant wait for *red*!

  6. Nooooooooo. Pretty, but no substance. :/


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