Music crush: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack, Part 2

Even people who dislike the Twilight Saga will agree that the soundtracks are pretty good and definitely worth a listen (being a bit of a "Twerd" myself, I always get the film soundtracks - but it's definitely more for the great music choices than the fact that it comes with a movie poster).

This is the fifth Twilight soundtrack to come out and, as I expected, it's good (though I don't think it's the best one). The playlist consists of a lot of indie bands and a few bigger artists, like Green Day & Ellie Goulding. Much like the film, the general tone of the album is rather moody and romantic (obviously).

My favourite songs on the album right now are definitely Ellie Goulding's 'Bittersweet', St Vincent 'The Antidote' and The Boom Circuits 'Everything and Nothing'

Have you heard the soundtrack yet? What do you think of it? 

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  1. I've gotten all the soundtracks as well. I think it is the only redeeming aspect from the crap movies.


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