Music crush: Civil Twilight

Photo taken by me

I have been a big fan of Civil Twilight for a while now. Their songs always have such beautiful lyrics and the lead singer, Steven McKellar, has the most incredible voice (the fact that all but one of the band members are originally from South Africa is pretty awesome too).

On Friday night, I finally got to see the band play live and they were nothing short of amazing. The venue was rather small and had an intimate feel about it, which was such a plus. I also made sure I got as close to the front of the stage as possible and ended up standing in one of the best spots at the concert (big thanks to my friend Bailey for getting hot and a bit squished with me in the crowd). It was a really epic night.

The band recently released their new album, Holy Weather, and it's full of great tracks. My favourites are 'Holy Weather', 'Doorway',  'It's over'  and 'Wasted'

One of my all time favourite songs by the band has to be 'Letters from the Sky'. You can check out the new music video for it below:

For more info on the band you can visit their official site HERE


  1. Hi Janine, just wanted to wish you a fun, fulfilling and fabulous New Year... May it bring you lots of joy, success, love and good luck!

  2. I've seen them live once ... at Rocking the Daisies. Wanted to go to this concert as well, but couldn't find anyone to go with. Ended up hiking instead.


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