London calling

After a very long flight (11 hours to be exact), I arrived in London on Saturday morning.

Since landing I have been rather busy and very tired. So far, I have managed to do a little shopping and on Sunday I went into London to do some sightseeing....

The London Marathon was on Sunday, so it made getting around a little bit harder. Though, it was cool to see all the supporters and runners out in full force.

The Thames river (above) featuring the London eye (left) and Big Ben (right) has to be one of my favourite London views. 
I trotted around a lot of places, including Piccadilly Circus (above). I must admit I have been struggling with how busy London is. After the chilled vibe of Cape Town, being surrounded by swarms of people can be a bit overwhelming. 

 The weather in London is pretty chilly at the moment, though I have been told by the locals that this is amazing weather in comparison to three weeks ago (oh, thats St Pauls Cathedral in the middle).

 I also visited the Tate Modern art gallery. It's three storeys high and it's nice to just wander around in (plus it's free ).  I spotted this older couple hugging infront of a painting, it was too cute not to photograph (I want what they seem to have).

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  1. I love London. Unfortunately I never got around to checking out the Tate Modern. I did tour the London Dungeon though ...

    Keep safe

  2. lovely pics - nice to have you back on the blog albeit far away!

  3. Lovely pics, I hope that you are enjoying everything.

  4. Very beautiful pictures dear,hope you´re having a great time in London.

    Radka from

  5. I love the last picture! I also want that!!! It reminds me of a post Miss Moss recently did. Too beautiful. Enjoy London!

  6. awesome pics. enjoy :)

  7. Yay so glad you are blogging! Have fun xx

  8. Great photos! Hope you're having fun?

  9. Glad you're enjoying your trip so far! I was in London three weeks ago and it was bloody freezing. Hopefully the weather continues to improve.
    You should definitely visit Covent Garden and Oxford Street if you haven't already. Lots of cute shops to check out.

  10. YAY!! Love the pictures! I'm so happy you're having a good time

  11. These pics bring back such fond memories. A part of my heart will always pine for London-town. I remember when I first moved there, I was also overwhelmed by the sheer sense of busy-ness! I must have adjusted, because when I returned to JHB, I felt everything was too slow. LOL

    Have a wonderful trip and safe travels.


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