Gulf coast, Florida (part 1)

 After NYC, me and my American friend (Orsoyla) flew down to the Gulf coast of Florida, where she lives in a small town called Bradenton.

I must admit, I had never had a desire to visit Florida, but I quickly found myself falling inlove with it....the tropical heat, the stunning Gulf Coast and the relaxed vibe..... Let me show you what I mean...


.... Seriously? How ridiculously is the Gulf of Mexico. I felt like I was in paradise most days (and I got to spend a whole 16 days just chilling, looking at views like that and pretending I was a Floridian).

 One of my favourite places I visited was Anna Maria Island. It's filled with brightly painted houses, has amazing beaches and there are loads of cute, little shops.


My time in Florida was filled with things I desperately needed at the time: sunshine, bright colours, someone to threaten to take my phone away (haha), dog walks, family dinners with someone elses family, fresh fruit, nature, glorious beaches and lovely friends.


Here are some things I can recommend you do if you visit the Gulf of Mexico:
* Go on a boat
* Visit the Ringling Museum (in Sarasota)
* Try eating some aligator (yes, I'm serious - it was very tasty)
* Go visit Siesta Beach
* Have some Clam Chowder 
* Visit Ana Maria Island
* Go to Tampa (it's a cool city)
* Take a moment to appreciate how many lizards there are (like billions)
* Try coconut crusted shrimp (oh my yum)
* Go to the beach as much as you can and forget all your problems :)


I can honestly say that even though all the places I went to on my trip were truly amazing and filled with so much to see & do, Florida was the most relaxing and made my soul very happy. I will definitely have to return to The Gulf of Mexico someday.

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  1. Love the pics of the colourful houses.

  2. Ah I am dying to go there!! Looks amazing!

  3. Beautiful photos. Looks like you had an awesome time.

    Mel's Corner

  4. Wow! Your pics are gorgeous Janine, it all looks so amazing x

  5. Oh wow I just love these pics, and Florida is definitely on my list of destinations to visit, thanks for sharing!

  6. oh WOW! stunning pics, Florida is beautiful.

  7. Yay for relaxing and a happy soul ^.^

  8. Amazing photodiary! :) Especially the last photo :) Hope you enjoyed your trip!

    Radka from

  9. Siesta Key! Prettiest beach I've every seen!!! ( well...tied with Whitehaven in Australia )

  10. You've stirred a longing to go back to Florida as soon as possible! We used to have a holiday home there, but I haven't been back for about 18 years....that sand! That clam chowder!


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