Roxstar bikinis

Summer is slowly on it's way to South Africa and I cannot wait. Not only am I totally over the chilly weather, but I am seriously over wearing layers of warm clothes.

Ok, I will admit, that this winter has not left me feeling very "bikini ready" - but one of the first steps to feeling even better about coming out of hibernation is to start getting my closet ready for summer (and then hit the gym hard. hehe) . 

Last week I was lucky enough to get sent a very awesome bikini (of my choice) from Roxstar, a local brand that started in 2011.

Roxstar stocks 3 different styles of bikinis at the moment and all of them cost between R250 and R350 (yup, thats for the top and the bottom).  The bikinis are 'freesize', which basically means they will fit anyone who is a size 30, 32 or 34.  You can buy Roxstar bikinis online HERE

Some of the lovely, Roxstar bikinis

It was pretty tough to choose my Roxstar bikini as there are so many nice choices, but I eventually decided to go with the 'twisted' bikini style in a very bright print (pictured below).

I also decided to plan a fun, yet very relaxed, outfit to wear my new bikini with - what do you think?

Yellow t-shirt from Woolworths * Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters 
 Flip flops from Ipanema * Denim shorts from Sissy Boy


  1. I really like your choice and the way you've styled the bikini with the other items. Wish I could go back to Durban now as it has gone cold here in the UK :(

  2. Awesome blog post...thanks for sharing! I have to agree with you about Roxstar Bikini's since I have discovered them and tried them on that I will never buy another bikini only ROXSTAR because they ROCK :) xxx

  3. R250 - R350 for the top and bottom? Wow, that's really cheap. Love the red and white one.

  4. Lovely outfit!
    Need to get into a bikini type shape

  5. Wow super pretty!!!
    Your newest follower! :)


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