Welcome to Long Beach, California...

Long Beach is located between Orange County & LA County in California..... and for 2 weeks it is where I was based (I stayed with my lovely friend, Michelle & her cat, Spot).

Now I should add, that I am no stranger to California. I have visited a couple times and, at a very different stage of my life, I even lived there for 3 years. So for me, visiting California is always filled with a mix of nostagic feelings and old friends. I always enjoy it.

I was staying in a great part of Long Beach, walking distance to the ocean and the awesomely long promenade.

 Top pic: View from my friends apartment.
Bottom: Spot the cat. Who was wildly amusing and enjoyed waking me up.

Me enjoying a drink at a great, new restaurant in Long Beach called Saint & Second. 
The decor, food and cocktails were absolutely brilliant. I hope to go back someday. 
Visit the website HERE

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