My top things to do in Los Angeles

Like any big city, Los Angeles has something for everyone - especially if you are a fan of American film & TV.

You'd need weeks to get through the multitude of "must do" lists out there (I mean, it is the second largest city in the US after New York City). Having gone to LA a few times, I have managed to get more of an idea of what I personally think is worth seeing.

Sooo, here is my list of top things to see/do in LA. Especially if its your first trip and you have limited time.

( Note: This may become an evolving list. With each visit back to LA, this list might change or get longer. I may even forget to add something cool...and if so, feel free to tell me )

Venice Beach 

It's weird and's trendy and tacky.... The beachfront is lined with an eclectic collection of shops & restaurants ranging from weed shops to nice restaurants. It's a great place to people watch or rent a bike to take a ride around :)

Eat LA favourites

There are certain food/beverage chains that are wildly popular in Los Angeles... and you should try as many as you can (because a lot are only available in California and you are on holiday... so it's kinda guilt-free, right?).

My top picks are:

* The Coffee Bean & tea leaf for there amazing ice blended coffee drinks
* In-N-Out burger for everything (especially the cheese burgers). The food is amazing and kind of life-changing.
* California Donuts (open 24 hours) - they make Panda donuts! (and other cool donuts too)
* Coldstone Creamery ice-cream - trust me on this one, order cake batter flavour.

Check out some street art

If you are a fan of street art & graffiti, then you will enjoy finding some great art scattered around parts of LA. There are specialized tours that can show you the best places or just cruise around downtown LA and see what you can find- HERE is just one list of some great street art you can go see in LA.

I personally really wanted to find a pair of wings that are part of the Global Angel Wings Project (which was started in LA) and get a photo, which I did. To read more about the project go HERE

The Natural History Museum 

It's the largest natural and historical museum in Western United States - Its an educational & intersting place to spend a few hours - Plus it has dinosaur bones! (I mean, do you really need more of a reason than that?). You can visit the Website HERE

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is cool - theres a mini amusement park on it, a few food options, loads of people and sometimes street artists performing. It's also walking distance from Third Street Promenade, which is an outside shopping mall with nice places to eat and too much to buy.

The Last Bookstore 

It's currently the largest, independent bookstore in the world... So - If you love books, vinyl and art, you must go visit it. Check out the website HERE

Go to a Friday night ball game

Whether you are a big sports fan or not, a night baseball game is a lot fun (read my thoughts on baseball games here). The Dodgers stadium is very impressive and at the end of a Friday night game, there are usually awesome fireworks. Put on some Dodgers blue and go....


Hollywood is very overrated (you have been warned). Most parts of it are not very pretty or glamorous at all and its usually super crowded -  BUT I feel like you can't go to LA and not go to Hollywood. So go look at the Chinese Theatre, take a photo of your favourite star on the Walk of Fame, try get a good view of the Hollywood sign and buy some cheesy Hollywood memento to give to your folks (you know you want to).


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a must-visit for anyone who likes art. Just be sure to book for some of the more popular, pay exhibits. Check out the website HERE

 See LA from up high

LA is a big city and you don't realise just how big until you get to see it from up high. So, for two very cool ( both different) views of Los Angeles I'd suggest doing these two things:

1. Go have a drink at Perch restaurants top floor bar in Downtown LA at night
2. Go up to the Griffith observatory (added bonus is you can also see the Hollywood sign)

Go to Disneyland (ok, it's not REALLY in LA)

OK... I do realise that technically Disneyland is in Orange County, but it's too close to LA to miss (so I put it in this list). Why should you go? because it's "the happiest place on earth", of course. Read my full Disneyland post HERE


  1. Ah man I wish I had read this before booking out trip - would definitely have spent more time in LA! So far have just seen Huntington Beach, Hollywood and Silverlakes but heading to Venice and Santa Monica this morning on our way out :) Thanks for a great post! X

  2. Looks fantastic... I need those panda doughnuts... Amazing!


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