Monkey Valley Nature Resort

Monkey Valley Resort is located in Noordhoek, nestled between Chapman's Peak drive and Long Beach.

Recently I went to spend a weekend there and I was taken aback by its peaceful and simple vibe.

The rooms: The cabin-style rooms are rustic and charming - So don't expect anything too modern or fancy (I'm pretty sure the rooms have not been updated since the 90's).

We chose a sea view "executive suite"room, which is slightly more than a non-sea view room, but definitely worth the upgrade. (Trust me on this).
As well as having all the standard hotel room essentials, our lovely room also had a vintage bathtub, a small balcony and a wood burning fireplace (which we used as soon as the sun went down... romantic and cozy).

Note: If you are needing a bit more space than a suite room, the resort also has bigger cottages available for families (2 & 3 bedrooms) and the Crowned Eagle villa (which has 8 bedrooms).

Here are a few photos of the "Ladybird" room/suite that we stayed in....

The restaurant - Thorfynns: While the food is simple and satisfactory (think Fish & chips and curry), it's the stunning view that keeps people coming back. No surprise then that it's a really popular spot for relaxed, sun-downer drinks. The restaurant atmosphere is relaxed, with a spacious outside terrace for summer weather and a big fireplace inside for winter time.

Resort extras: Not only does the resort have its own restaurant - but it also has a pool, kiddies play area, Chapel & function space for weddings ...and has its own path to the beach (which takes about 10 minutes to walk).

Final thoughts: Summer or winter, I'd highly recommend Monkey Valley Nature Resort for a rustic, family-friendly getaway or a romantic cabin night away :) The prices are pretty reasonable and it's just a 40 minute drive from the city centre.

Oh and... Despite the name indicating otherwise, there are actually NO monkeys at the resort (yes, its kinda false advertising. Though, I'm pretty sure that back in the day baboons would visit a lot). Don't worry though, you may still encounter some wildlife at the resort, like: spiders, various other insects, birds and possibly a snake.

For reservations or enquiries you can go HERE


  1. thank you for sharing...and wonderful

  2. The place itself looks great with good pub area, and a much larger upstairs beer hall. Nice decor at San Francisco event venues with brick walls, wooden bench seating, and chalkboard beer lists showing off the day's selections.


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