Reasons to go to the Galileo Cinema

Summer is in full swing and that means most activities are moving outdoors, including movie watching... 

One of my favourite places to see a movie in the warmer months is at the Galileo Open Air Cinema and here are my top 4 reasons: 

1.  Bringing back the best films- 
Unlike regular cinemas that only show what's new, Galileo Cinema focuses on screening films that you can't wait to re-watch or timeless classics you've always wanted to see. Expect their selections to include cult classics, musicals, romantic comedies and even some documentaries.

2. A unique dinner experience - 
Enjoying a picnic under the stars, while you watch a great film, is anything but dull. Whether you decide to bring your own food or buy some of the delicious food and drink available there, it's a pretty romantic option for a date night or something fun to do with friends.

3. They got you covered - 
Besides money and your tickets, you pretty much don't need to bring anything else. There is food (as I said in reason 2) and most tickets come with the use of a blanket & a backrest (even if yours doesn't, you can rent them there).

4. There are multiple venues - 
You can now enjoy the open air cinema in a range of cool places all over the Cape - including various wine estates, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Century City and at the V & A Waterfront.

My top tips: dress warm, bring a cushion to sit on (your butt will thank you) and book a VIP ticket if you can't arrive early to get a good spot.

For all information and bookings, visit the website HERE


  1. Every summer I say I’m going to do this and never get round to it.

  2. Yes! I love Galileo Cinema, sadly haven’t been there this season yet so need to make a plan!

  3. My lady has been speaking about this for months on end and I've always promised her, but I work away . Hopefully I will get to surprise her with this ,she's a lover for the simple things . And I have a surprise in store for her as well �� making that a perfect location

  4. Would love to take my husband Marco with

  5. My friend and I have been planning to so this for the past two summers. Hoping to attend the Galileo this summer


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