Beauty review: All Clean Balm by Heimish

The All Clean Balm by Heimish ( a Korean beauty, aka K-beauty, brand) has to be one of my new favourite finds. Here are all the details and my thoughts on it... 

What is it?

The All Clean Balm is an oil-based cleanser that gently removes makeup and residue, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It is paraben-free and hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for all skin types. 

What I like about it:

  • The way it feels: The formula leaves my skin really clean, without making it feel dried out or tight. I have very sensitive, often dry, skin and it effortlessly removes makeup without irritation or scrubbing. I actually find my face feels pretty soft after using it (is that even possible?)
  • The packaging: Besides just being very pretty to look at, the packaging is also very functional. The balm comes in a hard plastic tub, with a separate space at the top for the spatula - which is a brilliant tool for scooping out balm and keeping you from using your fingers (definitely germaphobe approved)

How to use:

First use the spatula to scoop out a small amount of balm (you don't need very much - maybe a bit bigger than a pea size). Then put it onto my hands before massaging it all over my face (The balm starts off rather solid and melts into a buttery oil cleanser as it's being massaged onto skin). Lastly add some water and continue to massage (it will become milky and whiter). Massage a little more and then rinse thoroughly.  

Top tip: Keep out of direct sunlight or high heat. It will melt. 

Would I buy it again? 
Absolutely! I will definitely be re-purchasing this. I find it super handy to travel with, it's rather well priced and it is so easy to use. 

Where can I get it? 
In South Africa it is a available from K-beauty stores like Glow Theory and worldwide you can buy it on Amazon 

Side notes: for extra stubborn makeup I have seen that some people use this balm as a pre-cleanser and then use a secondary cleanser for an extra clean face. I personally have not needed to do this (maybe my makeup is just not that intense)

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