10 things I learnt from planning my wedding...

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1. There is no wrong or right way to plan – Every couple is different and your day can be whatever you want it to be (simple, yet I found myself forgetting this). Some people use a wedding planner and some people tackle it themselves (yup, that was me). Obviously your budget will play a pretty big part in wedding planning, but know that there are no rules on what you should or should not do. It’s your day, don’t forget that. 

2. As soon as you say the word “wedding” everything goes up in price - Prepare to be shocked by the prices of wedding related stuff! Weddings are important events (often once in a lifetime events) and a lot of people are trying to cash in on this fact. Though, understandably, some people also realise that the pressure to get everything perfect is higher on a wedding day and they want to be compensated accordingly. Thankfully, there are tons of DIY tricks and many budget friendly ideas you can find on the internet to try help with keeping you within your budget.

3. The photographers and/or videographers are worth the splurge - After all the emotions of the day start to fade and you go back to reality, the only thing you will be left with are the photos and the videos (and a partner for life, but you know what i mean)…Having beautiful photos is a wonderful way to keep the memories around your home. Be sure to choose a photographer that has a photographic “style” that you both love (look at their websites and Instagram) and meet them before the day. Also, extra tip, be sure to give the photographers a detailed list of all the photos you want taken (I wish mine had been a bit more detailed).

4. Invite who you want and don’t feel bad – This was something I learnt very quickly. Once I started being quite ruthless with my guest list, it became easier and easier to not be guilted into making the list longer. You may hear things like “But if you invite him, you must invite her” or “uncle blah blah may take offence to that”…. Seriously, you cannot make everyone happy. Rather be true to who you and your man really want at the wedding and forget the rest…They will get over it and if they don’t, well that’s not really your issue.

5. The dress is very important, but you don’t need to own it – The wedding dress is undoubtedly the most important item of clothing at the wedding. It not only makes you feel like a princess, but it is also the most photographed thing on the day. Wearing the dress of your dreams is ideal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money too. Personally I think owning your dress is overrated (it’s definitely going to just sit in your closet for years), I rented mine and it was half the price of buying it.  

6. A little drama is often just part of the process – As much as I wanted to avoid family & friend drama of any kind, I couldn’t avoid it altogether. The best thing to do is to just take a lot of deep breaths, do your best to ignore anything that you really can’t solve, don’t allow the drama llamas to change anything you want on the day (stand your ground- it’s yours and your fiancés day), don’t be offended by people who can’t make it(we are all on our own paths, etc etc) and try to remember that this too shall pass (oh, and wine helps a lot too).

7. You have to consciously “be in the moment” (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds) – Believe me when I say, the actual day goes by so quickly, that if you blink too long you miss it. So, try enjoy the planning and the day as much as you can. I was super stressed when planning, but thankfully I managed to de-stress myself a week before…So I could at least savour the lead up and the day itself.  It’s very easy to stress yourself out to the point of madness when planning your own wedding, but remember this may be the only time you get married and you should enjoy it as much as you can (again, wine helps a lot and so does delegating tasks to friends & family).

8. Pinterest is your friend -  All your vendors (the people who will be supplying stuff- cakes, flowers, etc) will want to visualise what you are talking about (for example:  not everyone will understand what a romantic -hipster-Gatsby style  is, even though you have such a clear idea in your head). So making “inspiration boards” will help a great deal with getting everyone on the same page.  I had a wedding Pinterest board from the moment I started planning and it helped so much.

9. Paper invitations are unnecessary and a wasteful – Holding an actual invite in your hand can be nice, but honestly it’s something I could do without having. I discovered the amazing site Paperless Post online and I never looked back. It does cost, but it is only a fraction of the price of actual stationary printing and you can see exactly when invites are received, plus you can send out updates and messages to guests.

10. Love is all you need (yes, we are back to being cheesy)  - But seriously… At the end of all the planning, madness, stress, family drama, drunken nights, countless invoices and probably some credit card debt… The main thing to remember is that you and your man love each other. Disputes and crazy emotions will come up all along the way (mainly because I found that men do not see weddings like women do  - it’s not good or bad, it just is) and it’s important to remember that the whole point of the day is to marry the person you love…For better or worse.  As long as you both pitch up on the day, forget everything else that could go wrong (or did go wrong) and enjoy the start of the real journey.

What big lesson/s did you learn from planning your wedding?

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