Escape from gloomy office

I am finding it damn near impossible to concentrate lately. I seem to be suffering from a little ADD and if thats not bad enough I have developed "goldfish mind" (when you blank out and wonder what you were just doing 5 seconds ago). I can't seem to get much work done, as being stuck in an airconditioned office all day is starting to get to me. I need sun, i need real air AND I really feel like I need to escape from the gloomy office for a while.

Soooo, its very lucky I have a holiday planned. I am leaving for Dubai on Monday and will be there the whole of next week. I'm starting to get so excited. It may be a bit too hot to spend all our time outdoors (40- 50 C) but at least we can see new things and go indoor skiing. Pity its only a 4 day trip.

Cape Town is actually starting to warm up (or so it seems) and I just know summer is going take over soon. I cant handle anymore winter. So, crazy hippies beware, if i see one person doing a rain dance i shall beat you with my hemp shopping bag ;-)

If you have ever spent a summer in Cape Town you know how absolutely beautiful it is. The city just comes alive. The sun sets late, the cocktails begin to flow, the beach restaurants are over flowing, the sea is sparkling, the joggers are jogging, the ice cream is tastier, The smell of braai is in the air, the tourists are getting "snappy happy", the beaches are buzzing........its amaaazing...

I just can't wait for summer this year
** for more on my Dubai trip and thoughts on flying click here


  1. The Cape really is getting beautiful! Stellenbosch is covered in arum lilies! LOVING IT :)

  2. Good for you! Definitely see Dubai before the polar ice caps melt and their lovely man made islands are under water. I commend them for being smart enough to plan for the future and to realize they needed an income once their oil wells ran dry... Too bad they didn't realize what the burning of their oil does to the planet. :(

  3. And why do they have a tennis court in the middle of the snow?

  4. oh shucks, you make me home sick for SA!

    enjoy dubai

  5. I wish I were going to Dubai....I will be lucky to see the city limits of where I live this summer.

  6. dubai sounds like a great vacation! i heard it is a great place to shop. i was close to going there last year when i visited iran (beautiful and FULL of history) during the summer.

    don't forget to post pics when you get back!

  7. Woohoo for holidays! And Cape Town is my absolute BEST in summer! Nothing like spending time with my family on the warm, sweet-scented evenings!


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