Holiday snaps - Dubai

Here are a few of my holiday snaps from the 4 day trip to Dubai last month ;)

3 Men

Spice Souk, Deira

Gold Souk (AKA Gold Market), Deira

A man and his camels

Alice, the camel

Buj Al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel

An Abra on the Dubai Creek

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  1. Wow... gorgeous pics. Alice the camel... teeheeeheee!

  2. nice photos, you should work for national geographic. looks like a great trip.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, ladies - I cant take all the credit, The Boyf did help me edit them a bit :)

    Mrs D - It was a fabulous trip, just too short and very VERY hot :)

  4. Such nice pics. I used to go to Dubai every Christmas to visit the boyfriend's parents, but they have moved so this is the first year I won't be going.

  5. looks amazing! you have such a creative eye! hopefully we'll get to see more?

  6. Po - awesome for you. Pity you not going there this year.

    My life escape - Thanks :)

  7. Stunning pics, I went to Dubai about...hmmm...maybe 7 years ago now. It's an incredibly clean city I thought. But humid as hell hey? Your pics look really pro!

  8. Kitty - Yes, it was very VERY humid. Thanks for the photo compliment - its great when photographs come out the way you hoped.

    Ps - The photos were all taken by Me. Though, The Boyf and I edited some together.

  9. Gold Souk (AKA Gold Market) look amazing!! love it !!


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