Soapy TV bubbles

I am still battling an addiction to the Bold and the Beautiful (which i mentioned in detail on a previous post).....dont judge me.... I clearly have mental issues i need to deal with *grins*. Despite the fact that the show is undeniably annoying and full of swingers, I still find Im drawn to it. I keep telling myself that it could be worse, I could be addicted to "Cheaters"(now thats a really twisted show).

I decided to write this post today as something very suprising has developed with my TV watching lately, I seem to have taken a shine to the local soapie/series "7de Laan" . I didnt think i would ever follow a South African TV series (and definitely not a Afrikaans one), but to my surprise I find myself hooked on it.

Like alot of South africans i grew up watching alot of American TV series (& soapies) and even the occassional Australian soapie (you remember Home & away and Neighbours, dont you?) because of this I always thought our local soapies and TV series (if you could even call them that back then) were horrible, dull and talentless in comparison. Well, I am singing a whole new tune now. Local is lekker and it seems to only be getting better.

I dont think id choose 7de Laan over a an episode of "Friends" or "Gossip girl" quite yet...but who knows...maybe one day.

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  1. I LOVE Die Laan! I find it hilarious ;-)

  2. oh yes 7de laan is great!!! the fact that i never expect anythiing, and that i can laugh my ass off at their funny little story lines just makes my day, every day. i really NEVER miss an episode! paula is my favourite, she's just too funny!

    kick back and relax!

    btw, i watched b&b for years!!! i can still remember when i went to veldschool in st 5 (is that 20 years ago????) my mom had to tape every episode for me... i still occasionally watch steph, brook and ridge and cannot believe that they are still going at it... like wabbits ;)

  3. Local is lekker, I'm hooked on Isidingo, it's been fantastic, although I must admit lately it's been a bit pathetic.

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