Itsy bitsy

Today i am not feeling as perky as I did yesterday - maybe because i have been on a complete "runner's high" the last two days and today i didnt run at all.....and you know what? I'm actually a bit sad i didnt- Who ever would have thought. I shall be running again tomorrow (Hopefully this enthusiasm for running lasts)

This weekend The Boyf may try out surfing and I may attempt to take photos of him trying with a huge lens. I say "may" because its not a set plan yet.

Even if that plan doesnt happen i want to go to the beach anyway so i can finally wear my bikini for the first time this summer (its actually a little daunting). I will be brave - I will hold my head up high, show off my yellow polka dot bikini and strut across the beach with my glowing white legs.

Please join me in a song......"she wore a itsy bitsy teeny weeny ..yellow polka dot bikini ..that she wore for the first time la la......."

This Sunday The Boyf and I are going to the Natural & Organic expo in Cape Town. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful organic products (especially the beauty products).

Random thought: I need to actually buy some new CD's (yes, i still like CD's) and i need to fill my i-pod with music. I took all the music off a while back and had plans to only fill it with songs i love...I still havent done it yet. I am a terrible procrastinator.

*Click HERE to see a few of the songs that will be making it onto my ipod.


  1. Happy Weekend BB!

    Do you know the girl in the picture?

  2. i love this song!
    You Get What You Give - New Radicals
    I have it on my ipod. Totaly feel good song! :)

  3. being brave brazen!! enjoy the beach... my friends tell me the weather in cape town is amazing!

    happy friday x

  4. I LOVE CDs TOO!
    Enjoy the beach, while I settle for lying by the pool in a complex!

    Enjoy the Organics Expo - it's not a good idea to attend with a hangover. All the tasters did not taste like the greasy breakfast I craved!

  5. Happy Friday! Enjoy the great weather!!!

  6. Ches - ha ha - nope..

    icandy - definitely a happy, jump around song

    mylifeescape - The weather is stunning...summer has arrived.

    BB- Cd's are awesome. I love that i can hold them and they have pretty covers. Enjoy the pool.

    Vodka mom - Thanks, you too :)

  7. oh enjoy the beach and wear that bikini with pride :) have so much fun!

  8. Have a great weekend!! I miss the sun... It's cold up here :(

  9. Sorry I'm late with a comment, but I'd love to hear what products you see/find at the Organic fair, especially the beauty ones, as you say.

  10. I totally get the running thing. Spartan gifted me some new and fabulous runners that make me feel as though my feet had wings - sadly I haven't been running in a couple of days.

    As for the ipod - I so need to tidy mine up. In a big way.

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  12. I wish I could get myself to feel that way about gymming....or any form of exercise for that matter.

    I'm with Kitty though, what cool things did you see at the expo??

  13. aaah, i wish i had known you were going to the N&O fair. I was at the WWF Be the Hero stand.


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