Gym hamsters and novel ideas

This morning I crawled out of bed and reluctantly fell into some gym clothes. To say i was a little unenthusiastic to go exercise is a serious understatement.

Gym was ok, though sometimes i cant help but feel like one of those hamsters running in a wheel....going nowhere but again (and again). Sometimes i think gym can be boring. Im thinking about joining an aerobics class - which is something i never thought id do as i'm rather uncordinated.

I'm sort of getting over my gym germ phobia by living in a deep denial about the existence of gym germs ( *hands over ears* la la la la la la - I cant hear you , there is no such thing as gym germs)

I must admit I felt more perky after gym (as i always do) and was actually happy The Boyf had coaxed me to go.

Lately Ive been thinking alot about writing. Not just blog writing or writing in general, but writing with a purpose. A purpose of achieving a goal. The goal being "a novel". I want to start writing one. Its been a life long dream (as I am sure it is for many of you reading this).

In the past I have tried to write (ever since i was a teen). I have boxes of half scribbled stories and a mountain of poetry stored away in unused cupboards at my parents house. *sigh* How do you know you have what it takes to be a writer?

I have ideas for my future novel, but possibly too many. The plots keeps changing and occassionally I feel my ideas sound too silly when i say them out loud. Hopefully procrastination will leave me and i'll just start. Then i'll just see where the words lead me. I'll keep you posted on this subject.

A little note - I noticed a week or so ago that I now have 60 followers (so cool!!!) Thank you to all who "follow" this blog. I feel special.


  1. I know what you mean about the writing bit. Iv also always aspired to writing a book. but im so pathetic at writing and languages :(
    hey about ur request.. maybe you can do the same for us? ;)

  2. Nk - as for your request, all you had to do was ask ;-) heehee

  3. Heey, I totally agree I stopped going to gym and started jogging out in the open effective and fresh air is really good.. for the writing part you could always try and do it, give it to some people you trust and they would tell you if you have what it takes to write :)
    Show us something written from YOU :D

  4. I'd be tempted to add myself to your stalker list, if only my link on your blogroll wasn't to my old wordpress site, which i abandoned 4 months ago!


  5. Princess famme - I think I should start jogging more often. Less boring.

    ExMi - Oops, thought i changed it ages ago. I will change it right now.

  6. Yep - writing a novel, but about what? You either have too many ideas, or too few.

    My advice is to start writing anyway: sit down, set the kitchen timer for 30 mins and write! Maybe you'll see a pattern emerging after a while...?

  7. good for you for draggin your ass to the gym... I wish I could.. But I like it here. With you guys. All the time.

  8. I've wondered the same thing - how do I know if I'd be a good writer? And which idea is best? Etc!

    Jogging is at least interesting with scenery etc.

  9. My new year's resolution is to write something every month - even if it's just one chapter. I've always wanted to write a book, but suffer from writers block the moment I sit down, and also severe procrastination which makes sitting down difficult in the first place!

    It's funny how we all love to write, but so few of us can actually get off our asses and put a book together.... I hope I'm one of those few!

  10. I've been writing a novel now for a year! It's awesome...I have no idea if I'll publish, but just being able to be creative is really awesome!

    GO FOR IT!!

  11. You deserve every single one of the 60, plus many many more! :)

    Get to writing, sister. I'd buy.

  12. Yes. Write a novel. I think when you begin to write your characters will tell you where the story shall go. So jump in...weee

  13. I know what you mean about the hamster syndrome

    I would love love love to write a novel. I am thinking of signing up to Bridget Mc Nulty's "no excuse novel" to help motivate me.

    You should go for it BB, you seem to have the motivation!

  14. when i first came to your site just now, i thought you were writing about GAY hamsters.


  15. FYI, I follow your blog... I just follow in Google Reader :)

  16. I used to absolutely LOVE working out at the gym; I was a total workout fanatic: surf in the morning, gym in the afternoon or morning. Nonstop! Now, I'm just too lazy. And I can't afford a gym membership. :/

    Also, I've been writing since I was in the 2nd grade. Problem is, I'm in the same boat; so many stored/written ideas/thoughts/stories etc. Though none ever finished. :/

  17. hey im not sure where to leave a general comment for you, so i left it here... may i ask where you source ur images from?

  18. I often feel like the hamster in the wheel. It definitely fits.

    As for writing a novel, I know exactly what you mean. I have often thought I ought to get around to putting all of those old journals I have saved over the years and make a go of it, but I don't know what is holding me back.


    I have just started this 'blogging' lark, deciding to be brave and show my Poetry. Would appreciate any feed back.Thanks, you and good luck with the writing. Follow your dreams, because they can disappear so quick.


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