A little older and a little wiser

This year I turned 29! I wont lie to you...for a little while, before my birthday, I freaked out a bit, all I kept thinking was "hectic, its only one year until i'm 30!".
I've never been one to care about age, but when i realised that my twenties were nearing the end I felt a bit sad. I thought about the list I had made of things i wanted to do before I was 30 and wondered if there was anyway I could achieve all of them in a year (may be impossible)....

Aging is a funny thing , it makes most of us feel that we need to have certain things at certain ages......and lets be honest, thats not really true. Who can say what the "right age" is for everyone to do certain things anyway? True, I may not have achieved all the goals I originally set out for myself when i was younger - but now I have new goals and different priorities.

Im ok with getting older.....I just think sometimes I need to remind myself that its ok if my life isn't all planned out or "normal" :)

Saturday night I had a fabulous party. I drank too much, talked too much and I smiled so much my face started to hurt - and as the clock struck twelve and another year passed by (and i didnt turn into a pumpkin) I felt awesome (though that could have been the shooters).

It was a great night and a great way to celebrate getting older and probably getting a bit wiser too :) I have a feeling that 29 is going to be a very good year *smiles*

*Photos of me taken by the boyf


  1. Gah! Why not full on face photos? You're obvs gorgeous so why hide? ;) lol

    YAY for great parties! It sounds like yours was faboo.

  2. First things first, I love your hair!!!

    Ahem, ok, I have to say my 29th year sucked due to a major setback (read my latest post). Most women dread turning 30. Well, I couldn't wait! And it's gotten better and BETTER ever since. I'll be 45 this year and, as long as I don't look my age, I'm good. ; )

  3. Pics are great! age is just a number i dont even think about it anymore, mike is turning 30 this year but its not like we feel like we should settle down and be all proper yet. hehe :P

  4. Birthdays are fabulous! Im glad yours was incredible!

  5. sleepyjane - lol. thanks. Mine was fab.

    MM - It was great :)

    JJ - I agree with you 100%. As long as i dont look my age im ok...heehhee

    superficial girl - age is just a number. Mike is 30 this year - cool.

    Random hiccups - Thank you, me too!

  6. Like a fine wine, things get better with age. Not a cliche', at all.

    Brazen...I'm 1 day older than you. And if my mother had held me in 2 hours longer, we'd be twins...from different mothers of coarse.

  7. I just squealed at the photos.


    ME. A most decidedly NON-squealer, squealed.

    I hope your coming year is phenomenal!!!

    Big hugs!

  8. Sounds like it was a fantastic birthday! You're too adorable!

  9. My 29th was on the 1st of the month... was a great party, and so far this month has been pretty hectic but good.

    I think it's the new 21st in a way - last year to enjoy our twenties and look forward to the next phase. :-)

  10. It's so nice to see a pic (even a side-on one)!

    You have a very wise head on you (covered, as someone mentioned, with beautiful hair).

  11. I think I recall you referring to your hair as "mousey" not too long ago when you had a poll about your hair color.... it's gorgeous! Very glossy and rich!

    Happy birthday! I will hit 30 this year, and it's weird to even think of it. I feel perpetually 25.

  12. congrats on 29!

    I kinda freaked when i turned 30 too, but in the end it was all good.

  13. You don't even look 29 or 30! I agree with SleepyJane - you're beautiful so why not a full face picture!? :)

  14. Happy Belated Birthday and I love the pics.

    Even though age is just a number, i get irritated when I see people younger than me doing amazing things. Call it jealousy or whatever; it just happens.

  15. What a sensible attitude BB. I am dreading my 29th because of the whole I feel ancient thing. Never mind achievements, I won't go there!

    Nice hair.

  16. You're so pretty - Yay for turning 29 - I think it's a great thing!

  17. Next year you will turn 30 and then you are on your way to you 40's. Lol! I know the feeling.

  18. You got a lot of cramming to do! Have you started yet?

    Life is WAY to short to have everything all planned out. Live spontaneously, you will be a LOT happier

    ALWAYS a nice feeling when your face hurts from too much smiling and laughing; although I personally don't think its possible to have too much fun

    Next year.. you can start telling people you are 29a next year 29b..etc.. OR "this is the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday" Watch their faces as they try to figure it out

  19. Yee-hooooo! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. And coming from somone who will be 32 in 30 days (am counting), in the 30-31 years you kinda still feel like you're in your 20's anyway, so no worries. Althooooough, your BODY tends to move along without you. :P

  20. The thing about aging is that as your mind finally starts to figure everything out, your body starts to fail.


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