Beautiful bouncy blow

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I'm a bit of a hair salon blow dry addict....

Since the age of 16 I have been going to hair salons as often as I can. Sometimes for a cut, sometimes for a colour (lately i box dye), BUT always for a blow dry ;)

You see, I have unruly curly hair (which can be ok at times, but isn't very glam) and though I should have mastered the art of blow drying my own hair straight by now, I have not.

For years I was a fan of the sleek, super straight blow dry or "GHD" look - but no I am completely loving the blowdry and curlers effect (lets call it "a beautiful, bouncy blow").

How I get a beautiful bouncy blow effect: I go to my hair salon and my super cool hairdresser -lets call her "Tinkerbell" because she works magic and is small- washes my hair and then while blow drying, puts sections of my hair in large curlers (aka rollers). Then after 30 - 40 minutes of this, "Tinkerbell" takes the curlers out and Taaa daaa....fabulous bouncy, sexy hair!

A note: Annoyingly, the recession is making it rather hard to go to the hair salon as much as I would like lately, So, Ive been thinking it may be time to invest in a kickass hairdryer and some curlers - then I can try do this look at home sometimes ;)

Whats your favourite hairstyle? Do you visit the hairdresser often?

Ps -photo is of me with blow dryed hair


  1. Ohhh it looks so pretty! i also love bouncy hair. :) i actually hate going to the hairdresser... i dont trust them :P you should def invest in a good blow dryer and some curlers!

  2. Agh ... you're making me want to own a pair of rollers. I generally use a GHD so that my hair remains perfectly straight. Maybe you should think of investing in one of those? Take it from a coloured girl ... they're the sh*t!

  3. I've been growing my hair out and can't remember the last time I went to the salon. Unfortunately, I have to cut it to shoulder-length for summer so I have an appt. on Wednesday...and I never get it blown out. My hair is so fine it looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

  4. I am so over the stick straight sleek, flat look. Ugh. Volume is good! Love the bouncey look!

  5. wow! what a pretty pretty picture! I love going to the hairdresser too...and sadly I haven't managed the skill to do the bouncy blow either:( but at least i'm killer with my helps:)

  6. Oh that looks absolutely stunning! Listen to Sid with her GHD... believe me... I'm getting one and I can't wait!!! It's a bit expensive but much cheaper in the long run, and you only need one thing for it all. The GHD curls and straightens anyway you want it to, just twist in the right directions. Only available at salons though. Good luck figuring your hair out!! =) hehe!

  7. So beautiful! :)

    I have some insane-o hair and I have just deemed it 'free-spirited' and let it be. After all these years, I have found that it represents my personality more than any flat iron or blowdried style could. Plus magically once I decided this it's decided to be my friend and behave nicely. :) I'm due for a cut though. It's time to tame the beast.

  8. I have a LOT of hair so letting it be curly means I end up looking like I'm growing an afro, so straight is all that works for me (and even then it gets bushy), I suddenly figured out how to use a hairdyer properly a few years ago, and it's actually realy not too hard!

    If you struggle through I would go for the GHD, its way easier, I think it may be better for your hair than a blowdryer and you can use it to touch up dry hair as well, just use lot of heat protection products!

    Now I want to try using rollers...

  9. I so thought the photo was one of those hair photos where a model has their hair done and then photographed. So what I'm saying is wow! What lovely hair you have. And exciting to see a glimpse of brazen...

  10. I have also have naturally curly hair. To make matters worse, it's really thick. so wearing it natural, means I need a bottle of serum to tame it down. I use my GHD all the time, it's just so much easier. But I learnt how to curl my hair with the GHD. So I can do poker straight hair or some bounce. Next time you go for a cut, ask your hairdresser for the GHD Expressions haircut. It's layering and it's fabulous. My hairdresser also used that rollers and blow dry trick. With the new haircut, it works wonders!
    Your hair looks amazing btw!

  11. Love your blog!! I'm new to this whole thing so I'm still figuring stuff out but really admire yours so keep doing what you're doing :)

  12. looks so pretty! I don't go as often as i'd like... I'm that girl who goes a good 6 months between hair cuts.

    I'm a bit of a mess, actually.

    I vote invest in the rollers/hairdryer and have a go yourself!

  13. I left a comment and blogger and wordpress suck so it didn't go through.

    What I said was, that my hair is a mess 99% of the time and I go to the salon when I have money seeing as it costs an arm and a leg to cut and colour.

  14. I'm scared of hair salons. . . and believe me, I look it.

  15. your hair looks stunning, so shiny, so healthy. I go once a month to the hairdresser, normally for a trim & blow dry. I also box colour. I have to blow dry my hair everymorning, if I don't I look like a golly wog. I find longer hair is a bit more manageable, but don't have the patience to grow it.

  16. on sunday my wife went to get her hair straightened...

    she was gone for 3 hours and when she came home she told me she spent $250!

    thats just insane! you women are completely batty about your hair...

    p.s. have i told you lately you look hot.. you do, you know

  17. Your hair is beautiful!! I agree I can never blow dry my hair to perfection like they do at the salon.

    You should look up on YouTube for some hair tutorials.. it's fun and easy to watch & learn.

  18. Fantastic hair! My hair is a shoulder length blonde bob which I'm growing out. No idea how to have it when it get's longer though!

  19. I'm always trying to get my hair to turn out like yours in the picture (it's gorgeous!), but apparently, my hair doesn't like to cooperate!

  20. Wow - sexy hair! I love it... don't you wish that our hair always cooperated as well as it did at the salon!

  21. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I have stick straight hair naturally so for me to get any curl and bounce like yours is impossible. But then I know how difficult curly hair is to manage as well! I don't often go to the salon - only for cuts and colour - but after my own home hair dye disasters, I now only go to a salon for colour. And then get it blow-dried, but I never just go for a blow dry, although I'd love to. I love the hairdressers, I wish I could go there and get my hair done all the time!!!

  22. Gorgeous pic! I can't pull off curly hair so well - mine is just too flipping thick. But you carry the look so elegantly!

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