Notes: books and ballet

I have not really had alot of time to post new things on my book blog lately (im sure some of you have noticed)- which is why I am very thankful when someone sends me a lovely book review to put up. If you want to read the latest book review or submit your own, please trot over HERE

I was saddened to hear that unless the Cape Town City Ballet receives urgent and significant funding, it may have to close its doors. So, I decided to share this info with all of you and urge you to donate to this very worthy, cultural cause.  
- To donate now, Please click HERE and use the reference code "BB1". (oh, and if you donate you stand a chance to win one of a few prizes).


  1. Thank you for your support.

  2. That is very sad news indeed. I hope that they receive enuff funding to keep going.


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