10 things I learnt this weekend

1. The Bombay Bicycle Club on Kloof street is awesome :)
2.  Sushi and pizza should not be eaten together.
3. Patron shooters are really good (but evil)
4. Its a good idea to catch up with a friend on skype for 2 hours
5. The Blind Side is a brilliant, sweet film (made me cry).
6. Crazy taxi rides home after a night out are fun
7. I like "Over the top" grey nailpolish by Essie
8. Boiled eggs are not actually a quick breakfast option
9. Finding new, good music can be very inspiring
10. Its important to practice random acts of kindness

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. My sister and her friends went to Bombay b on sat she loves it! so jealous i also want to go!
    Patron is yummi but deadly :P we had a whole bottle on new years! hehe

  2. patron shooters are pretty cool but i just cannot handle them. i fall over after a couple.
    even better than finding new music is discovering some of your old cds. i just found my imogen heap cd and have been blaring it.

  3. 1, 3, 6 Hehehehhe!

    Blindside is a cool movie, keep your eyes open for Leap Year, that's a rom com and a half! :)

  4. LOVED The Blind Side! Such a great movie to watch especially with all the racial tension going around.

    I watched New Moon again over the weekend and it really made me miss reading the books (and, I am now beyond excited for Eclipse)

  5. I love that you've finally provided me with an answer on what brand makes awesome grey nail polish, thank you xx

  6. Missed the movie - stopped showing here on Thursday. I am no good with any shooters and eggs in the microwave is a quick option.

  7. Okay,
    So I also absolutely love the Bombay Bicycle Club obviously... its fabulous!^
    and I LOVE Essie*! I bought two colours on Friday - "Aqua blue" and "Wicked" and at the moment I'm wearing the colour, "Not just a pretty face". I'll say it again - I just heart ESSIE! :) I also love what they name their nail polishes.
    Btw, I love your 'ten things I learnt' posts!
    Hope you are having a good Monday so far... XXX

  8. The Blind Side? Totally cried too.

  9. I went to a 9yr old's monkey themed birthday party, that was still so sweet and innocent with banana and chocolate cupcakes, with monkey faces.

    Then we set up and hosted a baby shower for a "Gyp-Set" mom who will be naming her baby to be Violet.

    We made violet vodka to start that spark off fast, fantastic Indian food, a dark, rich, two-tier chocolate cake, and a mango mouse!

    And topped it off by stealing away behind closed doors to watch the Money Mayweather vs. Sugar Shane Mosley boxing match!..

    It was all good.

  10. Speaking of random acts of kindness. You have an award on my blog. : )

  11. pizza and sushi together...ugh!

  12. I also like the Blind Side. Very deep story indeed.

  13. Love Bombay Bicycle, the decor is so cool!

  14. Sounds like we had a similiar weekend - kind of. So nice to have a super fun eve out every now and again! As always - love reading all you write! x


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