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Darlings, today is the start of the chinese "year of the rabbit". I have no idea what that means exactly... but I am pretty sure it doesn't mean that rabbits will be taking over the world this year (though, I'm not completely opposed to the idea, should it happen) ...anyway, whatever it means, Its the start of something new...and that could be a good thing :)

 So far this year has been a rather quiet one (with the exception of one tipsy night where I sang Roxettes "joyride" with such enthusiasm that I even scared myself), but I feel that this quiet year is about to get very loud very quickly. There seems to be so much starting to pile up on my plate that I may never ever get to dessert - it's a bit overwhelming, but now is not the time to be worried about biting off alot more than I can chew ;)

On the home front ('cause I assume you all really want to know) things are also in a state of change. The Boyf is on the hunt for a new apartment, which means we may be moving soon. Home hunting has been very interesting, but so far we have not been 100% convinced that we have found "the place". Personally, all I want is a home that has a massive closet in the bedroom, a view of something interesting, a kitchen that will make me want to cook in it, parking that is close to my front door and enough space in the lounge to do kickboxing (you know, just in case I should ever feel the need to do that) .... wish us luck.

In random news: Recently I have gotten into a new show called "Sons of Anarchy". For those of you who have never seen it -  the show is basically about a motorcycle club/gang that drive harleys around, make up their own rules, drink alot, shoot stuff and live in a town called Charming. I think watching a show like this after an episode of Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries is keeping my TV viewing somewhat balanced. *winks*

How have you been lately? do tell...

 - photo from fifilapin -


  1. The rabbit is the 4th animal on the Chinese zodiac, they're supposed to be friendly people. The element and if it's a ying or yang year also effects the type of year you'll have and person you get. Hope that helps :)

    Have fun house hunting.

  2. Scotts lass - hahaha. Nice bugs bunny reference.


  3. Me? Playing tour guide to a Brazilian. Going out. Meeting Americans. Waking up tired each morning. Getting familiar with the taste of Berocca.

  4. Good luck House Hunting! Can be a daunting task but when you find the right one you’ll know!

  5. Best wishes house hunting!! I just did that & yes room in the lounge is a great thing!! I never watched Sons of Anarchy but its something I should do. Year of the rabbit huh? hmmm sounds like we all should have a tea party & call up the mad hatter. hehe. =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. I love Sons Of Anarchy! Jacks is the best bad boy ever.

  7. Good luck with the apartment hunting! The perfect one for you two is out there!

    We moved into this house 26 years ago...and looked at about 15 houses before we found the perfect one.

  8. Ah, I'm so with you on the house hunting issue! We looking for a place too and I'm getting really frustrated, nothing really stands out! I think blogging and seeing all these awesome place on the web has made me unrealistic ;-( *On another note: I Love fifi Lapin*

  9. Ah, house hunting...not my favourite thing to do. It is all worth it when you do find "the place".


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