10 things I learnt this weekend

1. When in doubt, wear a little black dress
2. Megamind is very funny animated film
3. Pineapple, banana, bacon and garlic pizza is so yum
4. Its perfectly ok to wear pretty, yet super uncomfortable, shoes to a wedding and then spend most of the evening dancing around barefoot
5. Using a birdcage as a card holder at a wedding is a great idea
6. Bad posture never works with any outfit
7. A good DJ can make or break a wedding reception
8. Animal print decor is definitely not for me - its so kitsch
9.  Shopping while sleep deprived and hungover may lead to over spending
10. The older you get the more excited you get about new appliances

What have you learnt lately?


  1. so true. new appliances make me very excited!

  2. I'm not too old to try something new.
    A 1 hour massage is like a holiday for my body.
    I'm not as technically challenged as I make myself believe.
    There so so many incredibly talanted people out there.
    My boys haven't turned out too badly.
    Mac Donalds Arabic coffee is just the best...strange, but true ;-)

  3. jacci - I just got a new vaccum - I love it ;)

    Ingrid - cool lessons.

  4. Megamind is cute! Have you watched despicable me? :)

  5. Carlinn - I loved Despicable Me too - so very cute

  6. You are right about having good posture -- it's the best accessory ;)

    I learnt:

    - you can never watch Despicable Me too many times (I think Brazen & Carlinn might agree?)

    - I get a goofy, happy smile when my bf invites me to dance (he doesn't do that type of thing often).
    Bonus points for it being to a Johnny Cash song

  7. The last one is brilliant!

  8. Wow, I'm so feeling this post! I'm using a Birdcage as Cardholder at my wedding! Goes with my vintage romantic theme I have got going! DJ was my biggest stress, they definitely do make or break! And the new appliances comment is SPOT ON I recently purchased the cutest toaster and kettle (which i hope to blog about soon) I was so chuffed, I was genuinely as excited as if I had bought a new pair of Shoes! hehehe!

  9. I learnt that ironing is actually theraputic ...long story

    sounds like a great weekend and a fun wedding

  10. expect the unexpected

    be prepared to meet very kind strangers

    kindness is in every corner that you look

    travelling opens your mind and your heart

    Random glasses that you find can provide hours and hours of endless fun combined with cocktails! xx

  11. Best advice I got from me mom was "When in doubt, wear black" So yes, I agree with number 1.

    At first I wanted to do the birdcage thing at my wedding but now I'm a bit worried cause I feel like it's been done, but its so difficult to do anything original these days.

  12. i totally agree with point no. 4!

  13. did the wedding DJ have a very large amount of tattoos?


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