10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Wearing comfortable shoes makes dancing the night away a whole lot easier
2. I could easily eat french toast with honey for breakfast everyday
3. Spending some time alone can be so good for the mind
4. I really like my new boots - go here to see a pic of them
5. I must stay away from cats and places covered in cat hair - my nose can't take it
6. A simple salon trim and treatment can save my hair from feeling sad & dry
7. My mom is doing The Camino walk again next month (I wish i could join)
8. Drew Barrymore looks fab with her new red hair (see it here)
9.  You can use an old sock to make an awesome sweater for a puppy 
10.  I need to worry less and remember: " Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength." -  Corrie Ten Boom

What have you learnt lately?


  1. Thanks Brazen -- I always enjoy your lists.

    I learnt that unexpected, unselfish acts from someone close to me makes me feel SO loved.

    Ironically, I heard good things about Decodance over the weekend ;) Dance therapy is a must!


  2. One of the things that I learnt this weekend is that drinking expensive wine does not necessarily give you less of a hangover than cheap wine ;) hehe



  3. Quinn - Good lesson. Decodance is so much fun :)

    Taryn - I have learnt that lesson too ;)

  4. Whoa. I like your boots. I follow you on twitter, but I guess I missed that twitpic. :-)

  5. I learnt that eating cooked food makes my joints ache. Ouch.

    My best friend and I plan to do the Camino in 2014 to commemorate 10 years of friendship.

  6. It's one of my goals to do the Camino de Santiago at least once.

  7. Oh I want to walk the Camino too!

  8. Ha, you crack me up. Love your lists. #1 could not be more true ; )

  9. How do you manage to have such a productive weekend? I think the most valuable thing I learnt this weekend was never to fall asleep on the grass because some bug will crawl in your ear and try to take up residency. Useful but uneventful :) Love love love the boots!!!

  10. totally agree with no. 2! now try making french toast from a hot cross bun for something different :)

  11. Love Drews red locks!

    Yet another great list

  12. Cute picture! Totally agree with you on #3.

  13. ahah :D love this!


  14. My mom did the Spain route last year. This year they are walking in Italy. I so want to go with, but no such luck :(

    I also suffer from the worry bug. I can get so worked up over nothing. Thanks for the Quote!

  15. I learnt that if I tell myself over and over again that all the gym bunnies (the thin girls who work out with a face full of make-up and loose hair) have sh*t personalities, I feel better about myself :)
    heart your list!


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