The weekend I stayed in Kommetjie

Almost 2 weeks ago The Boyf and I, plus some of The Boyf's family, trotted off to Kommetjie to stay in a beautiful beach house for the weekend.

The thatched-roof home, very aptly named 'Beach Haven', is located right on Long Beach and is ridiculously awesome. Among other things, it has 4 bedrooms (all with their own bathrooms) and a big pool.

On arrival we were greeted by the friendly owners and shown around. I was instantly smitten with the look and feel of the place. The decor and furniture (which is almost all blue, white or red) is modern, yet relaxed. I especially loved the upstairs living room, kitchen, study area and the main bedroom (which is where The Boyf & I were lucky enough to sleep during our stay).


One undeniably cool thing about Beach  Haven is that it has it's own pathway leading straight from the deck/pool area onto the beach. All I had to do was walk a few meters and my feet were in the chilly, Atlantic ocean  - it was so blissful. I hope someday I can have my own beach path to go with my beach house ;)

The best thing about this house is that it has a seriously great view of the ocean. I honestly could have just sat on the balcony for days staring at it.

When I was growing up I spent good portion of my childhood living in Kommetjie and playing on Long Beach. I always loved waking up to the small of sea air and hearing the waves in the distance. Staying in Kommetjie again not only brought back a lot of happy memories for me, but  reminded me just how beautiful it is there.   

I'll definitely be booking a stay at Beach Haven again and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a luxury, beach getaway that is not too far from the city.

To see more pictures of Beach Haven you can go here.  
To make a booking, contact Cape Holiday Lets on:
   + 27 (0) 21 789 2413 or via email:

* Please note: All the above photos by Me and The Boyf


  1. Gorgeous views and the decor is undeniably refreshing!

  2. I can only imagine what the rates are.

  3. What a beautiful view and beach house. I'd love to reside in a serene place like this permanently.

  4. That looks absolutely amazing!

  5. nice blog!!! ;)

  6. That looks like heaven! From Brooklyn with love ~jen

  7. South Africa takes my breath are so lucky :)


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