10 things I learnt recently

Photo by me

1. You can't make anyone think or feel the way you wish they would. *le sigh*
2.  Breaking Dawn, Part 2 was great and finished off the Twilight Saga nicely for me.
3. There's a dent in the side of my car and I have no idea where it came from (grrr).
4. THIS locally made chocolate is so tasty and has such pretty packaging.
5. I always seem to like a person so much more when they just get right to the point.
6. Always apply your sunscreen evenly. It sucks to get have strange burn or tan lines.
7. Sometimes a bit of silence can speak volumes to you and bring clarity, other times it does nothing but make everything feel a little bit emptier and more confused.
8. Starting the day off with an early morning beach walk is almost always a good idea.
9. Dry shampoo is very weird. Pretty sure it makes my hair look dirtier than it was before.
10. I really agree with this quote: "I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not done." - Lucille Ball

 What have you learnt recently?


  1. dry shampoo is not a good look for girls with dark hair. learnt the lesson the hard way when i ended up with grey hair. boooo to so called innovative product.

  2. nice list :)
    beach walk are great in the morning :) even better when they are with me :)

  3. I love that quote and couldn't agree more about the morning beach walks, my favorite!!
    I have to say though, I am a fan of dry shampoo... (I have blonde hair though!) x

  4. I hear you on 1 - loud and clear... funny on 7 too.
    Le sigh - is right!

  5. Wish I lived near the sea - I would be out walking on the beach every morning if I did!

    Totally with you on point 1 as well - I think the answer is to find people that do think the way you'd like them to - makes for a far happier, easier life :)

  6. This weekend I learnt that I father thinks I'm a talented photographer, and that I should enter one of my pictures into a competition.

  7. Also I'm currently listening to the Taylor Swift album and enjoying it!

  8. I can totally agree with you on so many of those points! My list of things I've learn recently (and am still in the process of learning, I think) would include points 1, 7, 9 and 10.

  9. I've learnt that I need to apply sunscreen full stop...I'd even take strange tan lines at this point! 4 days on and I'm still sore and look like a lobster :-(


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