10 Things I learnt recently

photo by me
  1. You teach people how to treat you. Teach respect. 
  2. If someone really wants you in their lives, they will make an effort to make you a part of it (and it won’t feel like an effort to them) 
  3.  Good friends tell you the truth, even when you wish they wouldn’t.
  4.  People do not call each other enough anymore – it’s something I really want to start doing a lot more. 
  5.  ‘Spiced pumpkin’ Yankee candles make me think of winter holidays I’ve never had. 
  6.  The real risk is doing nothing. 
  7.  Sometimes it’s better to have swiped right, and lost, then never to have swiped at all
  8.  I’m absolutely obsessed with the sushi and white chocolate martinis at Sevruga restaurant (at the V& A waterfront) – If I could eat there every day, I probably would. 
  9.  Broken hearts suck, but you learn a lot from them. HERE is a list of lessons we should  all have learnt from our heartbreaks.
  10. This is really good advice: 'If you have to force it, just leave it alone.. Relationships, friendships, ponytails... Just leave it.’ - Reyna Biddy


  1. Love this post....thanks for sharing them with us :) xx

  2. "Sometimes it’s better to have swiped right, and lost, then never to have swiped at all." You talking about Tinder?

    1. I was thinking the same, hehe. I can't count how many times I have installed and then deleted Tinder :D

      - Jane Wonder -

  3. I am quite obsessed with Sevruga's sushi and their Blood Orange cocktails mmm

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  4. Agree! Agree! Agree! - me on almost all the points! Great list
    - DT

  5. that sushi pic as made me so lus for sushi now!

    awesome points!

  6. Not sure which is my favorite point - Sevruga (which is my favorite restaurant!) or don't force it... Especially pony tails I need to remember that ;)

  7. Great advice! Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Liked the first one thought "Teach Respect"

  8. i agree with so many of these! especially no 2 and 9!

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  9. hello! thank you for posting! I miss reading your blog! :-)


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