10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Having an eye infection is very annoying
2. Sometimes I can be such a control freak and its not cool
3. Deep fried, crumbed mushrooms are yum
4. The closing ceremony for the Soccer World Cup was awesome ( I especially liked the part with the elephants in it)
5.  A loaf of bread can save the day for some people
6.  I often think im funnier than other people do
7. Not everything I like will look good on me
8. Paul the psychic octopus has mad skills *winks*
9. I could never be a vegetarian
10. Love constantly challenges us to be better & more unselfish

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Love this Being Brazen space of yours :)
    Hope you recover soon of that eye infection.
    And yay for Octopus Paul!!!!

  2. ...that being the only sober one in a group of tipsy people is insanely annoying.

    ...not finding your car in a parking lot is a horrifying experience.

    ...That I can't always trust on my friends to be there for me. (which sucks)

  3. I loved the ceremony. did you see the fireworks at the end? fab!
    Am so with you on the vegetarian thing. after having a fab ostrich steak it's hard to imagine not having it again!

  4. Haha... sometimes I can also be a bit of a control freak, or I love things to be in control. Sigh...

    Lol, that Octopus is amazing hey.. freaky!

    Hope that your week is good! xxx

  5. I learnt that spending all day Sunday laying on a plaid blanket on the front lawn with your new puppy while your inlaws drink may be white trash but its a lot of fun!

  6. i learned that sometimes you have to offer up your happiness in order to do the right thing,....you'll be grateful later on..even though it sucks a lot right now

  7. :) hello - happy monday :)

  8. Don't worry, I think you're funny. And I'm laughing with you, not at you (I promise ;) )

    Also, I'm hoping to kidnap that octopus and make him give me the winning lotto numbers. But first, I have to get over my fear of octopodes before I can do that *shivers*.

  9. Hope you recover soon hun! xx

  10. I learned that, no matter how much you want to tell family what you truly think of them, you can't because it'll cause problems with other family.

  11. hmm...you could never be vegetarian! let me cook for you!!! :)

  12. and as for the closing ceremony - i was left awestruck time and time again! It was full of wonder! :)


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